Top 75 Great Life Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Great Life Quotes from famous people such as Madalsa Sharma, Gretchen Bleiler, Billy Squier, Gnash, Lee Iacocca, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Mimoh is a great life partner. He is supportive, caring

Mimoh is a great life partner. He is supportive, caring, and a very warm person. Our married life has been great.
Madalsa Sharma
When I win, I’m happy. When I lose, I’m also happy. I’m grateful for this life I have to live. It’s a great life.
Gretchen Bleiler
I heard that I was off traveling around the world skiing in Argentina and things like that. I may have had a great life in somebody’s mind, but all I was seeing was 9th Avenue while going from my house down to the studio in New York City.
Billy Squier
Today’s a beautiful day, and yesterday was a beautiful day, so that means it’s a great life.
My father always used to say that when you die, if you’ve got five real friends, then you’ve had a great life.
Lee Iacocca
I love being a writer. I have a great life. I get up in the morning and pad around in my dressing gown and listen to Radio 4.
John Niven
I just have a great life. I know great people. I’ve had great relationships – all different kinds of relationships.
Julia Roberts
I’d be lying if I said the success means nothing to me. It does. I enjoy it and live a pretty great life.
Michael Connelly
I am just a normal professional with a great job and a great life.
Martin Yan
It takes incredible fortitude to keep on the road, even though it’s fun and it’s rewarding and you can’t complain – it’s just a great life – but, you know, it takes a lot of energy.
Kate Pierson
I have been fortunate. I have done so many things and enjoyed so many things and had such a great life, not to imply that it is ending, but that there aren’t many things that I feel I have left undone.
Lois Lowry
It was like pulling teeth trying to get me to L.A. I hated it for so long, but now I’ve got this great life here.
Jennifer Lawrence
I love the responsibility of being a Victoria’s Secret spokesmodel. It’s a great life skill.
Erin Heatherton
Education is not solely about earning a great living. It means living a great life.
Brad Henry
I have lived a great life. I am very happy.
Rod Stewart
I could pull my living in and live OK, but I don’t want to live OK. I’m very happy to live in my penthouse, very happy I can pick up a check, very happy to have a great life and be able to spread my wealth a little bit.
Joan Rivers
I’ve had a great life.
Rosalynn Carter
It’s the mix of the trivial and the great events that make up history. It’s the low things about high people that make it fascinating, and that’s why it would be a shame to exclude the trivial things. That mixing up is not just at the heart of history. It’s at the heart of how to live a great life.
Simon Sebag Montefiore
Sir Richard Attenborough was a wonderful human being and an amazing actor and director. He was a British who really loved India, its people, the culture and the conscience. He lived a great life.
Alok Nath
I’ve had a great life. And I want that one more thing, to be up in a Virgin Galactic spaceship with Sir Richard Branson.
Wally Funk
Football players have a great life, but we’re only human.
Arjen Robben
I have a wonderful husband, and we have had a great life.
Natalie Babbitt
I just feel that music is a great life because it’s very rewarding. It’s a gratification. You do this for yourself, and you also do this for other people.
Ry Cooder
Acting is a great life and all that, but it’s the director who is really in control.
Jackie Coogan
I’ve got a great life. I’m in love, I have a happy, wonderful, beautiful time with my marriage, and I have a beautiful home. I want to spend time here working and creating.
Jon Anderson
Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve had a great life, great friends.
O. J. Simpson
Sometimes it would be nice to just have some red wine with dinner, but it’s not worth the risk. I have a great life, a great situation. Why would I want to risk self-destructive behaviour?
Kristin Davis
When I moved over to the States full time it was a culture shock. I had a great life over there, I really did, but I was always homesick. I always wanted to get home whenever I could.
Dario Franchitti
I have twins that I didn’t want to have the life that I had. I didn’t have a great life growing up.
Lee Daniels
I had a great life at Boeing. I’d been there for 37 years and contributed to all the Boeing airplanes as a designer: the 707, 727, 37, 47, 57, 67 and ‘triple 7’ and the 87.
Alan Mulally
A great life is to be able to ebb and flow.
Robin Wright
I'm having a great life, and I want to go on having one

I’m having a great life, and I want to go on having one.
Marianne Faithfull
All I wanted was to be a regional-theater actor, to be in a company. I thought it would be a great life. I don’t think I understood how difficult it would be.
Julianne Moore
I’ve got a great life. It’s a shame the work gets in the way of the golf, really.
Len Goodman
I got a lot of great life lessons from the entertainment industry. The first was being able to feel comfortable taking risks.
Jesse Itzler
I’ve got a great life that I really enjoy. But there is something chewing at me inside: that adrenaline rush from football, I miss that.
Alan Shearer
Joining the service is a great thing. I think everybody should join the service. It is a great life and we do exciting things.
Rudy Boesch
I have driven school buses, sold egg rolls and painted houses, and I have often wondered what my life would have been like if I hadn’t gone into acting. Mind you, it’s a great life, going around pretending you’re other people and getting paid ridiculous sums of money for it.
John Malkovich
It’s been a huge blessing, being able to travel and have a great life.
Seann William Scott
I have a great life, and I can’t really complain.
Samuel Eto’o
I know I am extraordinarily lucky to be doing what I am doing. I have worked hard along the way and I have been blessed too. I have had a great life.
Gary Lineker
I was the typical 20-, 25-, 28-year-old going around, going, ‘Life is great. Life is fine.’
Prince Harry
If I could do this until I was 60, I would. This is a great life. All I do is train, all I do is work out, and prolong my life by the training that I’m doing, the things I have to do as professional athlete.
Michael Chandler
I just have a great life. I know great people. I’ve had great relationships – all different kinds of relationships. I am so lucky to be on the little golden path that led me to all this.
Julia Roberts
I have a great life and I’m super active.
A. J. Langer
I think that Phish has been a band, we’ve all had- I’ve had a great life growing up and everybody in my band’s had a really good life, none of us have got anything to complain about at all.
Jon Fishman
We should try to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to find a great life. It’s a quest that will require political will and ingenious policies. President Obama’s proposed expansion of the earned-income tax credit goes in this direction, but we need more.
Sendhil Mullainathan
I’ve got a great life – my friends, my marriage, my career, my health – and I’m on ‘Strictly,’ and I’m learning to dance.
Anita Dobson
I think people who don’t go away to university are missing out on one of the great life experiences. You meet people from so many different places and it’s the shared life experience that helps you grow.
Anne Murray
Everyone thinks footballers have a great life and drive great cars, but sometimes you have to pull the veil away and look behind.
Kevin-Prince Boateng
I certainly lead a different life from many people. I have a great life that I am thankful for, and I like travelling.
Lewis Hamilton
I have a great life, amazing family and friends, so it’s easy for people to be like, ‘What have you got to be sad about?’ But it’s not that; it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain that sometimes needs to be treated.
Emily Atack
I’ve got a great wife, a great life.
Pete Sampras
A great book begins with an idea; a great life, with a determination.
Louis L’Amour
If ever I’m in trouble I ring my mum. She knows me better than anyone and has great life experience.
Daisy Lowe
People assume I’m out there having this great life, but money doesn’t erase the pain. When you’re young you barrel through life, making choices without thinking of repercussions. A few years down the line, you wake up in a certain place and wonder how the hell you got there.
Jennifer Lopez
If only my folks had beaten me, I could have gotten some material about my miserable childhood. But as it is, I’ve had a great life.
Tim Conway
Schools reward their students for a combination of intelligence, perseverance, and hard work – in the classroom and on the playing fields. But these metrics don’t help kids understand that great grades are not a pass for a great life.
Steve Blank
Homeschooling has given us some wonderful flexibility and some great life experiences, especially with our son.
Jodi Benson
I had a great life even before ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ took off. I really enjoy teaching.
Kim Edwards
I mean there are many, many people in all sorts of different countries who don’t have a great life, who are subject to injustice. Are we obliged to take all of them who come here? I think the answer is ‘Not necessarily.’
Tony Abbott
Never stop fighting until you arrive at your destined place – that is, the unique you. Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have perseverance to realise the great life.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
I have no projects on the horizon. I don't feel frustra

I have no projects on the horizon. I don’t feel frustrated. It’s a great life lesson for me.
Christine Taylor
Violet is my everything. She’s the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She inspires me. I’m glad that we have such a close relationship because she makes me laugh and shows me how great life can be every day.
Christina Milian
Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling’ is really not a wrestling book. It’s a book about life, and there’s a great love story in this book. There are great life lessons in this book about not allowing others to define you.
Jim Ross
I was winning everything in Paris. I was there for two years and won all the titles in France. I had a great life, great credibility with the club… I had everything.
David Luiz