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In my late teens and early twenties, I thought having c

In my late teens and early twenties, I thought having children was possibly the most irresponsible thing you could do because I thought that the world was a dreadful place; I thought the sooner we all got off the planet, the better.
Mariella Frostrup
Suppose that every prospective parent in the world stopped having children naturally, and instead produced clones of themselves. What would the world be like in another 20 or 30 years? The answer is: much like today. Cloning would only copy the genetic aspects of people who are already here.
Nathan Myhrvold
The one thing I missed was never having children. It just wasn’t in the cards, I guess.
Jeanette MacDonald
Having children is a great responsibility, and I don’t want to have kids while I am still playing.
Jwala Gutta
If you have fewer teenagers having children, they could focus more on their vocational development.
Tom Golisano
I want to have money so I can spend it having children. I want to have three or four and be a really good mother and make sure they have a really brilliant life with parents who are not struggling.
Daisy Lowe
Having children showed me a whole different kind of love that I had never known. It was something that had always been missing. Complete love. I would die for them.
Scott Weiland
Marriage is a school itself. Also, having children. Becoming a father changed my whole life. It taught me as if by revelation.
Abraham Maslow
Having children is my greatest achievement. It was my saviour. It switched my focus from the outside to the inside. My children are gifts, they remind me of what’s important.
Elle Macpherson
My mother was a single working mother; she started having children very young. There was a tension inside her about who she wanted to be and what she wanted to do and how she couldn’t achieve the things she wanted to.
Natalie Merchant
I’ve seen mothers and children really being vulnerable in the refugee camps; it’s supposed to be temporary, but they end up having children who have grown up in refugee camps.
Alek Wek
You’re going to figure it out, as you go. I think that’s how people feel about having children, as well. You’re not going to learn how to do it until you do it.
Jess Weixler
There’s really no point in having children if you’re not going to be home enough to father them.
Anthony Edwards
I think it’s harder when you get older and you start having children because you’ve got to get up in the morning and you’ve got actual responsibilities instead of just writing music for yourself.
Lorne Balfe
I’ve been playing consistently overseas for 12 years straight with no real offseason. I also have other endeavors in my life that I want to see. Getting married, having children, those kinds of things. The older I get, the more challenging those become.
Jordan Larson
And I think in your 40s, you land a little bit, physically and mentally, you arrive at a place where you feel you’ve learned some stuff. Having children at that point meant I had something very useful to do for the next 20 years.
Mark Strong
I do not think that having children – I have three teenagers – keeps you young. The reverse. It thrusts you into a full-frontal confrontation with your own all-too-obvious maturity.
Rachel Johnson
No one I know is actually so rude as to tell me I’ve become duller since having children. But I’m sure they think it.
Jo Brand
Everything I thought I’d hate about having children – the crying, the screaming – nothing fazes me. I love it all, and it’s relaxed me.
Elton John
It’s hard, but what’s the point of having children unless you’re there to raise them, I reckon.
Essie Davis
I’m not sure I’ll ever love softball as much as bobsled. It’s like having children: you don’t love one more than the other, you just love them differently, and that’s how my love for softball is vs. my love of bobsled – two totally different sports with different personalities.
Elana Meyers
Many social conservatives want to encourage married couples to have children, and it is becoming increasingly difficult if the couple feels strapped and concerned with being penalized by their employer for having children.
Mercedes Schlapp
Having children changes you forever, as a writer and as a human being. I hope it’s for the better on both counts, but I guess we’ll see.
Brian K. Vaughan
Having children, they’re not your property. They need to figure out their own views. I think my daughters have a pretty healthy self-awareness, but I can’t speak on their behalf.
Annie Lennox
I highly recommend getting your career established first and then having children.
Arizona Muse
I feel like it’s a natural progression for two people in love to talk about having children and taking that next step in creating a family.
Gigi Gorgeous
When I talk to younger actors, and young people in general, who are holding off having children because they think they cannot fit them into their busy lives, I now know, and am able to say to them, ‘You’ve just got to get on with it; there is never going to be a right time.’
Mark Strong
When I first knew I was having children, I thought I wanted boys, but then I thought I’d be better with girls. I’m quite sensitive, and you get more cuddles with girls. And they like their dads.
Kelly Jones
I dedicated almost 12 years to the music industry before having children.
Not having children is one less worry. Children are a worry!
Jeanne Calment
Having children is like having a bowling alley installed in your brain.
Martin Mull
Why did I not stop to have children? I suppose because

Why did I not stop to have children? I suppose because the opportunity didn’t present itself. Yes, many women feel they are not complete without having children, but I have different creative outlets.
Miranda Richardson
My mother had a very open-minded philosophy about having children: that they should be free to develop in their own way.
Annabelle Wallis
Student loans are delaying retirements. They’re suppressing the housing market. They’re suffocating new business formation. They’re even leading young people to delay getting married and having children.
Annie Lowrey
I think going to university, getting married, having children, and then having the choice to stay at home to raise those children is a very valid one for women and they shouldn’t be castigated for it. It’s a great job. Not many men would do it.
Sarah Lancashire
Having children changes your outlook 100 percent of your life.
Bill Goldberg
I don’t mind being a grandfather; I’ve been a mother for so many years. You just can’t believe what it’s like being a father. Especially when you come out of the chaos of the road to getting married and having children.
Steven Tyler
It’s about self-sacrifice. Since having children, I’ve worked, but I’ve maintained the balance of being at home as well.
Peter Kay
And part of that is, what is the point of having children if you don’t have the privilege of bringing them up?
Bob Geldof
My friends started having children after college, while I was pursuing this crazy acting career and living hand to mouth. Plus, all my boyfriends were artists struggling to make a living. Having kids didn’t make any sense – why would I take on more of a financial burden when I couldn’t even afford a dog?
Edie Falco
It’s not that I bounce ideas off of my children as much as it is that having children has had a profound effect on the way I see the world. They have mined my soul. They’ve made me a better person and therefore a more empathetic writer.
Julianna Baggott
Half the bloody world is going through a divorce; more than that are having children. All of us have parents who are dying or have died. It’s just the life cycle.
Sarah McLachlan
For many people who were never religious or who leave the religion of their childhood behind, it’s the experience of having children of your own that brings an urgency to the question of what you believe.
Krista Tippett
I say to my children, the reason that marriage – and having children – is so important is that it stops you thinking about yourself. The way to happiness is to give yourself to others and to think of others before you think of yourself.
Terry Wogan
Having children is one of the most passionate and involving bits of business in human life.
Siri Hustvedt
Even after having children, after five months I was dancing again, which was kind of crazy.
Darcey Bussell
Our life is all about the choices we make, and when I was looking for a mate for life, I really was looking for someone who was a family man, somebody who would embrace my girls as much as they were going to embrace me. I guess I just wasn’t finished having children yet.
Joan Lunden
I want to make words out of life. That’s bigger than me. That’s as big a creative force as – bigger than, for me, even having children. That felt more accidental – wonderful, but accidental.
Alexandra Fuller
One of the great pleasures of having children is spending one-on-one time with them. Sadly, I could do that for only a few minutes at a time. I’d never say that ADD/ADHD is a gift or a blessing. And if someone says it is a gift, I’d love to return it.
Howie Mandel
Having children is messy and easy to judge.
Catherine Reitman
The subject and the reality of having children came at the height of my career.
Melissa Etheridge
Shows can come and go. They can be a hit and then in three years, gone. There’s some comfort in having the stability of a job and having children. It’s a double-edged sword.
Calista Flockhart
We have three cats. It’s like having children, but there is no tuition involved.
Ron Reagan
I don’t want to go into a marriage just because of my age – too many people make that mistake. But of course I’d like to be married one day – I dream of having children because I adore kids so, so much.
Shilpa Shetty
Before we got married, I had tremendous ambition. Once we got married and I started having children, then I just thought that that was my real life. Steve was definitely more ambitious than I.
Eydie Gorme
Having children made us look differently at all these things that we take for granted, like taking your child to get a vaccine against measles or polio.
Melinda Gates
I agree with my mother that having children removes a layer of skin that you never grow back.
Katherine Kelly
A lot of women feel apologetic or feel the need to make excuses for not having children but women don’t need to if they don’t want to.
Jo Frost
Children are part of the natural pattern of life. For centuries people have been having children and going to work. You get on with it, that’s what life’s about.
Sarah Lancashire
I loved having children and started relatively late.
Kate Garraway
Having children is not for everyone, but I think it’s a beautiful lesson in it not being all about me anymore. It’s a relief, in a way. It’s like, this is her story now, and I’m her mom. It’s a nice shift.
Lake Bell
Bizarrely, I’ve been called selfish for not having children. Surely it’s more selfish to have a child when you don’t really want a child?
Jane Fallon
Having children does become tied to a sense of identity

Having children does become tied to a sense of identity and our value as humans.
Ayobami Adebayo
I wasn’t interested in having children of my own. I know what would have happened – I’d have been left at home to look after the kids, and my career would have been over while my husband travelled the world.
Marie Helvin
In 2014, having children is complicated and daunting and fraught – as much as it’s always been, but now we’re talking about it. And the more we talk about it, the more of us will realize that we’re not going through it alone. Far from it.
Rachel Sklar
I think part of maturity as an actress comes from their experience in getting married and having children.
Son Ye-jin
That’s going to be the highlight of my life – having children and settling down.
Sarah Harding
After having children, life becomes about living beyond yourself; about being bigger and better.
Jaclyn Smith
I got married to Doug in 2005. I knew that we wanted to delay having children for a while, and I had tried pretty much every hormonal birth control method under the sun.
Abby Johnson
Having children truly ends adolescence. We are all either parents or children: responsibility-takers or those who demand from others.
Ben Shapiro
I’m sorry, it’s true. Having children really changes your view on these things. We’re born, we live for a brief instant, and we die. It’s been happening for a long time. Technology is not changing it much – if at all.
Steve Jobs
That’s one thing I find about having children – it does unlock a door that separates you from other women who’ve had children.
Rebecca Miller
Having children has been one of the biggest things that has happened to me in my life.
Tracy Lawrence
Restaurants are like having children: it’s fun to make them, maybe, but then you have them for good and bad. You are going to have to raise them and if something goes wrong when they are 30 years old, they will still be your little boy.
Wolfgang Puck
Before having children, I think I probably approached work very differently, and you become much more economical and pragmatic about your relationship to it.
Cate Blanchett
I have no regrets about not having children. I still wait for the pang of guilt, but I have none. I tune into the television show ‘Nanny 911’ occasionally which reminds me how much patience and love it take to be a good parent.
Amanda Donohoe
Having children, entering the realm of parents and parenthood, changes our relationship to the world in ways we could not have anticipated and might not have signed up for. Before I had children, for example, I believed strongly in the nobility of suffering.
Kim Brooks