Top 77 Tortured Quotes

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You know, in my music career there was a moment where t

You know, in my music career there was a moment where the irony was just so heavy. There were people in my audience that were the reason I developed neuroses. These people that tortured my life were using my art, my poetry, as fuel for them, to torture other people.
Fred Durst
Women put ourselves through so much. Really, everybody does; it’s not a gendered thing. I think all of us are always gonna be tortured by some sense of inadequacy, no matter what. I don’t know if there’s a way to tell people not do this to themselves.
Keala Settle
In 2001, my father finally succumbed to the bone cancer that had tortured him for seven years. His last weeks were a terrible, black icing on the cake, the agony, the slow twisting, thinning and snapping of his skeleton. Everything fell apart.
Peter Baynham
So many writers grew up in tortured isolation, in revolt against their families. I and my sister were in a house where writing was considered the worthiest thing you could try to do.
George Packer
I’m not tortured and neurasthenic – I’m really not.
Ben Whishaw
I gotta say, the Catholic Church has churned out a lot of great artists and directors and actors, so if that’s all they do, that’s fine by me. If they’re good at churning out tortured artists, that’s great!
Paul Rust
Rendition is just sending people abroad to be tortured.
Noam Chomsky
I don’t know why, but I respond well to tortured characters.
Halle Berry
I think the way kids create is so inspiring. They’re drawing a picture? They love the picture they drew; they’re not tortured about it.
Spike Jonze
As a child, I was tortured because my mother was a brilliant seamstress who made most of my clothes. I was despised by the children at school because I looked like I was going to an opening every day. We weren’t wealthy at all; we lived in a row house in Philadelphia.
Lynda Resnick
I’d say I’m drawn to characters that ring true to me. Adolescence is a troubled time for everyone, so a lot of those characters have been troubled, tortured people. It’s been a great way to navigate my adolescence by having these more troubled kids as an outlet.
Ezra Miller
I’m going to write a whole pilot and see if anyone’s interested, and if not then I’ll just live out the tortured life instead of showing it on TV.
Andy Milonakis
As young as I look, I think it will still be funny if I played a person who’s kind of tortured and hates his life. Kind of like a Larry David-type thing.
Andy Milonakis
The diet is a twisted, noxious thing, all tortured abstinence and short-term fraud. I speak from bitter experience. As a restaurant critic, I eat to live and live to eat. And having a toxic aversion to exercise, there is little to prevent the inevitable bulging of my gut. Hence the need for the occasional diet.
Tom Parker Bowles
I guess I feel so tortured most of the time, when I see someone else feeling tortured, I get a little perverse glee out of it.
Tim Burton
People sometimes seem surprised because often, you know, you know, there’s a lot of tortured characters in the stuff I write.
Mike White
I got ‘Elektra: Assassin,’ and that’s where I learned that she was a tortured soul. She’s been through a lot and was possibly psychologically unstable.
Elodie Yung
I’m tortured because I care.
Shawn Mendes
I’m tortured because I care. I’m always upset about not doing things as good as I think I could have because I care.
Shawn Mendes
Brittany can hardly claim the attention of the tourist as a superlatively beautiful country. The way in which trees are clipped and tortured out of shape disfigures the sylvan landscape; and of mountain scenery, there is none.
Sabine Baring-Gould
There was a whole language that I could never make function for myself in relationship to painting and that was attitudes like tortured, struggle, pain.
Robert Rauschenberg
I was so upset with what was going on in the world. I just couldn’t stand the idea of being people tortured and that we even had such a thing as war. I hated the older generation, who had not done anything about it. Punk was a call-to-arms for me.
Vivienne Westwood
I was arrested three times and tortured once.
Paulo Coelho
American POWs from the last Iraq war, who were held prisoner and tortured by Iraq, are now being prevented by our government from suing the Iraqis who tortured them.
Dana Rohrabacher
Men do not accept their prophets and slay them, but they love their martyrs and worship those whom they have tortured to death.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
I think I’m good at looking moody. I’m not much good at analysing myself, but I tend to fit the strange and tortured characters.
Marc Warren
Do not let arguments of expediency persuade you. That is the slow road to oblivion. That is the tortured path to undoing step by step, bit by bit, as the river creates a canyon, the way of life that we love.
Chuck Schumer
To place oneself in the position of God is painful: being God is equivalent to being tortured. For being God means that one is in harmony with all that is, including the worst. The existence of the worst evils is unimaginable unless God willed them.
Georges Bataille
I think there are ways to get so caught up in your career and being so heavy and dramatic, and everyone wants to be a tortured genius.
Laura Dern
A breeding sow spends most of her life in a tiny cage. It’s usually about seven feet long and two feet wide. She cannot turn around. She cannot scratch herself. She must urinate and defecate where she stands. Simply put, I believe she is tortured, day in and day out.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
I always found the concept of a tortured artist distasteful.
Jeff Tweedy
That's the Elektra I tried to portray: one that's alway

That’s the Elektra I tried to portray: one that’s always in the grey. She is a tortured soul.
Elodie Yung
The thing that really matters to me is well-being and happiness. Maybe it comes from knowing people who have tortured themselves trying to meet these strangely narrow and rigorous definitions of what our culture thinks is beautiful.
Jennifer Connelly
It was once religion which threatened us with a last judgment at the end of days. It is now our tortured planet which predicts the arrival of such a day without any heavenly intervention.
Hans Jonas
The tortured similes, the brooding introspection, the jaundiced view of society – nobody ever has any fun in a Ross Macdonald book.
Donald E. Westlake
As a reward for their efforts, however, those early Christians were beaten, stoned to death, thrown to the lions, tortured and crucified. Every conceivable method was used to stop them from talking.
Josh McDowell
If I were an innocent individual, flown to a foreign country and held for several years and tortured, I’d become a terrorist, too. I’d go to war against the U.S.
Jesse Ventura
I was tortured fifteen times, that’s total submission. They did that with shutting off your blood circulation with ropes, giving you claustrophobia and pain at the same time, bending you double.
James Stockdale
I’m constantly tortured, and that’s why I say happiness is irrelevant. Happiness is for children and yuppies.
John Zorn
I don’t want to always be the tortured, soulful wife.
Robin Wright
To really be tortured by a song, it needs to be more than just something you don’t like or don’t get; it has to make your skin crawl by getting under it. Strangely, that last clause could describe provocative or daring music, as well.
Carrie Brownstein
I think TV has been a little bit irresponsible in how they portray these people because homicide detectives are not brooding, tortured souls who are stained with the stink of the city and who have blood on their hands. They are real, live people that are incredibly entertaining.
Nathan Fillion
It’s something I’ve seen a lot of: these tortured geniuses, or self-proclaimed tortured geniuses, who kind of take their damage out on others. I think being a showrunner, you have a lot of unchecked power and I think that can be a very dangerous thing.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
If there was one senator who could truly empathize with being tortured in prison, it was John McCain.
Bill Browder
When watching ‘The Passion,’ Jews and Christians are watching two entirely different films. For two hours, Christians watch their Savior tortured and killed. For the same two hours, Jews watch Jews arrange the killing and torture of the Christians’ Savior.
Dennis Prager
I was tortured, and probably half of it was deserved, but I was bullied – so much so that there were days when I was like, ‘I can’t go to school today.’ I was too scared.
Chelsea Handler
Russia itself is an extremely complex country, and sometimes I feel like all of that comes back to haunt me. I can see why so many Russian writers were so tortured.
Anton Yelchin
I enjoy just being a producer and a home maker. I love being in charge. I love being the tortured and tormented soul. I am a Piscean. I enjoy the real-life drama fully.
Pooja Bhatt
I don’t understand people whose gratification is a BMW. You don’t know what joy is until you see a kid who was tortured get adopted by a family.
Andrew Vachss
I told the people before they tortured me, please, don’t torture me. I didn’t do anything. They say, we have to torture you very much. Then when they tortured me, I told them everything they want to hear. I signed confession. That said, the ball was in their court. You know, I very much surrender to my lot.
Mohamedou Ould Slahi
I admired my father very much… at the age of sixteen. But now I see that he was a brutal and cruel man, – but not without remorse, and that was what tortured us, his alternations.
Delmore Schwartz
Tortured characters are, I think, an actor’s dream.
Ruben Blades
The face of terrorism in Iraq is dead. Abu Musab al Zarqawi brutalized, tortured, and killed thousands of innocent people, forcing Iraqis to live in fear. The Iraqi people finally had enough, and gave up his whereabouts to the Iraqi security forces.
Tim Murphy