Top 77 Unreal Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Unreal Quotes from famous people such as Peter Sellers, Sam Smith, Artem Chigvintsev, Constance Zimmer, Wallace Stevens, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I feel ghostly unreal until I become somebody else agai

I feel ghostly unreal until I become somebody else again on the screen.
Peter Sellers
Hearing a whole entire room sing back to me, ‘I guess it’s true I’m not good at a one-night stand,’ you know, I just can’t explain the feeling. It’s unreal. You feel like you’ve just read your diary to thousands of people and they’ve gone, ‘It’s okay. We still love you.’
Sam Smith
It’s just unreal. I mean, I’ll be a dad. I’m just lost for words.
Artem Chigvintsev
I modeled a little bit of Quinn on ‘UnREAL’ after Ari Gold and Anna Wintour combined.
Constance Zimmer
New York is a field of tireless and antagonistic interests undoubtedly fascinating but horribly unreal. Everybody is looking at everybody else a foolish crowd walking on mirrors.
Wallace Stevens
As photographs give people an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal, they also help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure.
Susan Sontag
Quavo’s energy in the studio in unreal.
Ty Dolla Sign
I hardly need to abstract things, for each object is unreal enough already, so unreal that I can only make it real by means of painting.
Max Beckmann
To have John Mellencamp compliment my songwriting? That was unreal.
Darius Rucker
It’s really irritating when you open a book, and 10 pages into it you know that the hero you met on page one or two is gonna come through unscathed, because he’s the hero. This is completely unreal, and I don’t like it.
George R. R. Martin
I don’t watch films that are too unreal.
Shoojit Sircar
The meaning of words has become so blurred by past usage that ‘abstract’ is identified with ‘vague’ and ‘unreal,’ and ‘inwardness’ with a sort of traditional beatitude… The conception of the word ‘plastic’ has also been limited by individual interpretations.
Piet Mondrian
When you are ten years old and people are screaming your name, trying to grab you at the Kids Choice Awards, and you go to the mall and groups of girls start following you around, it’s very unreal and like a dream. I can’t say I get used to it, it’s always been a little freaky.
Aidan Gallagher
Yet, the Universe is real enough to the conscious beings in it, which are as unreal as it is itself.
Helena Blavatsky
The circus allows one to be logical and unreal at the same time. In the circus, all is possible: there can be a man with two heads or a character with a green face.
Fernando Botero
I’ve always talked to people about my grandmother, who is really into technology and has been on Twitter since 2006. It’s unreal how tech-savvy she is.
If you can imagine being with somebody for 21 years and you both get to the NBA and have to split up, and then all of a sudden getting back together, it’s unreal.
Markieff Morris
All phenomena are real in some sense, unreal in some sense, meaningless in some sense, real and meaningless in some sense, unreal and meaningless in some sense, and real and unreal and meaningless in some sense.
Robert Anton Wilson
Playing in Wembley Stadium in front of 83-some-thousand fans to win a gold medal was unreal.
Carli Lloyd
One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we’ll need a new definition.
Alvin Toffler
Sometimes it still seems unreal just to board a plane and fly to America, because that’s something that I’d always dreamed of, but I was completely sure would never happen, and sometimes, when I think about that, it still feels a bit unreal.
Tom Wlaschiha
I play Texas Hold’em on my Blackberry. I have amassed a fortune on that. I have almost 30 million dollars from playing. It is unreal.
Chris Cornell
Gentlemen can now only behave as such, or be tolerated as such, in circumstances that are manifestly contrived or unreal.
Simon Raven
Nothing is more dangerous to one’s own faith than the work of an apologist. No doctrine of that faith seems to me so spectral, so unreal as one that I have just successfully defended in a public debate.
C. S. Lewis
Chance The Rapper is just unreal: he’s changing rap and really creating this whole amazing new style.
Shawn Mendes
The advice of the elders to young men is very apt to be as unreal as a list of the hundred best books.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
I am honored to be chosen for this collaboration; I grew up watching Disney and using Beats headphones. Now I get to represent them both – it’s unreal.
Lil Yachty
Touring is an incredibly isolated situation. I don’t know how people tour for years on end. You find a lot of people who can’t stop touring, and it’s because they don’t know how to come back into life. It’s sort of unreal.
Kate Bush
It’s not about how much movement you do, how much interaction there is, it just reeks of credibility if it’s real. If it’s contrived, it seems to work for a while for the people who can’t filter out the real and unreal.
Fred Durst
A lot of people in spiritual life use the awareness of difference, and the spiritual glorification of difference, as a justification to indulge in that which is ultimately unreal.
Andrew Cohen