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I've just always felt that I've been slept on, so I'm j

I’ve just always felt that I’ve been slept on, so I’m just trying to wake people up.
Jordan Clarkson
Sure, men like a challenge – but so do women. And nobody likes to be challenged all the time. I know plenty of long-standing happy couples who slept together right away, spent hours yakking on the phone, split checks down the middle, and lived together for years before the wedding.
Katha Pollitt
Give me the new thing and give it to me now. I don’t want that old thing – I’ve seen it, heard it, bought it, slept with it, loved it, but now I’m bored with the old thing and I’m gagging for the new stuff.
Arthur Smith
When I was 15 or 16 – I slept really well then. Now I sleep on a bed of anxiety-tipped nails.
James McAvoy
I made an instant connection with boxing right away. Boxing became such a part of me. I ate boxing, I slept boxing, I lived boxing. Boxing was a way of expressing myself because I was not that outspoken.
Sugar Ray Leonard
We slept in the park before we had a house, and eventually we shared a home – my parents, my grandparents and five uncles, my family, all of us – on White Oaks Street by Magnolia Street near the railroad. Those were hard times, but I loved living there.
Debbie Reynolds
It was an hour and a half plane ride, so I slept. I try to sleep because that’s probably the only time I get to get my real sleep. When I can’t sleep I read books or watch movies.
Keren Ann
As far as Memphis being underrated, I feel like a lot of people have slept on Memphis music when it comes to breaking through into the mainstream.
Tay Keith
I never slept very well when I was playing. Looking back, I was always suffering with depression and mental illness-type stuff I didn’t understand.
Rex Chapman
I slept in closets and on floors for a long time.
Cree Summer
About three months after I had Kelly, I went and played in Canada. I felt great, I was ready to go and I was very energetic. But as soon as I started playing, I thought ‘no, too soon.’ I went back home and slept for two days.
Evonne Goolagong Cawley
I love that ageing rocker look, dressed in black and looking like you slept in your make-up.
Claudia Winkleman
I used to tell people I slept on the floor, in my songs.
Roddy Ricch
I spent 10 days on the beach and slept pretty much all day, every day. It was the perfect place to have a rest.
Petra Kvitova
I starved and slept on park benches. I wrapped myself in the pages of my manuscript to keep warm. For two and a half years I took odd jobs; nothing was going to deter me.
Gary Jennings
I have lived and slept in the same bed with English countesses and Prussian farm women… no woman has excited passions among women more than I have.
Florence Nightingale
It’s like, I don’t think you understand, Michael Jackson’s bedroom is two stories and it has, like, three bathrooms and this and that. So, when I slept in his bedroom, yes, but you understand the whole scenario.
Macaulay Culkin
I grew up on the south side of Chicago, most of that time on welfare. My mother and sister and I used to live with my grandparents and various cousins. We shared a two-bedroom tenement, and the three of us slept in one of those bedrooms and had a set of bunk beds.
Deval Patrick
I’ve found in the past that if we planned the show a night before, once we slept and woke up, we weren’t in that mood anymore. Because I really think doing a live show means you should be exploring your live feelings, and planning is not good.
Elvis Duran
I still have a Gypsy sense of adventure. I don’t think I have slept in the same bed for more than three or four months my whole life. I am always planting vegetables that I never get to eat and flowers that I never see flower. I have always moved around the world.
Helen Mirren
For some reason, I wrote about the bed we slept in when I was a kid. It was a half-acre of misery, that bed, sagging in the middle, red hair sticking out of the mattress, the spring gone and the fleas leaping all over the place.
Frank McCourt
If I haven’t rested, or I haven’t slept or had food or done the normal basic things as a human being, how could I stand in front of a camera and do stuff, you know what I mean? It’s mad!
Big Narstie
I have never, ever slept through my child crying unless I have had a sleeping tablet; and I only take a sleeping tablet when I know Steve, my husband, is on duty. We take turns: he does one night, I do the next.
Deirdre O’Kane
I’ve got an overactive brain. I enjoy work, I enjoy life, and I’m not good at relaxing. I’ve also never slept very much due to this overactive imagination and my brain constantly thinking.
Rick Wakeman
Growing up, I ate, slept and breathed hockey. I got home from school, I shot pucks, played outdoor hockey, road hockey, go home for dinner… Remember this is pre-Internet, barely any video games, I had a Commodore Vic-20. If you weren’t doing your homework, you were outside playing hockey, most likely.
Chris Pronger
I grew up in a commissioned house in the next suburb over, Mount Abbot. It was a two-bedroom house with me, my brother, and my two sisters. Mum and Dad slept in the lounge, and we didn’t have wallpaper.
Sonny Bill Williams
I have a tattoo on my foot that says ‘it’s a whale’ in Japanese, because Japanese people kill whales. My stuffed whale was like most children’s teddy bear. I took it with me everywhere. I slept with it. I couldn’t live without my whale.
Skylar Grey
Actually, ‘Die Hard’ was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. When I was a newborn, my parents were going stir-crazy in the house, and they put me in the bassinet, and I slept through ‘Die Hard’ in the theater as an infant.
Haley Joel Osment
A man ninety years old was asked to what he attributed his longevity. I reckon, he said, with a twinkle in his eye, it because most nights I went to bed and slept when I should have sat up and worried.
Garson Kanin
My parents were brutal to each other, so I slept in the basement by an old coal-fired furnace. I became a street kid. Occasionally, I’d live with aunts or uncles, then I’d run away to live in the woods, trapping and hunting game to survive. The wilderness pulled at me; still does.
Gary Paulsen
I actually love my natural hair when it’s in a twist out and it’s been slept on for five days and revived by the steam of the shower.
Solange Knowles
I kind of slept through school. I wasn't engaged at all

I kind of slept through school. I wasn’t engaged at all. My exercise books were empty at the end of the year. But I didn’t sleep through drama, probably because there wasn’t a desk, so my teacher sent me to this audition.
Jacob Anderson
I’ve wined and dined with kings and queens, and I’ve slept in the alley eating pork and beans.
Dusty Rhodes
I can’t write about my greatest mistakes because I’ve slept with most of them.
Arabella Weir
I’ve slept with a couple of people and made some poor choices and put things in jeopardy with… what I was happy with, and that’s my own fault. I’ve got no one else to blame about that stuff.
Shane Warne
I did yoga in the cell, meditated, and slept well; somebody brings you some food and drink. I’ve been arrested four times now.
Gail Bradbrook
When I was pregnant, I felt filled with life, and I felt really happy. I ate well, and I slept well. I felt much more useful than I’d ever felt before.
Suzanne Vega
If I were to awaken after having slept for a thousand years, my first question would be: Has the Riemann hypothesis been proven?
David Hilbert
A lot of people slept on Rae Sremmurd.
Mike Will Made It
I met Ronaldo in 1993 and from that moment we always shared the room. I’ve slept more times with Ronaldo than my wife.
Roberto Carlos
I was born in Toronto and studied with the National Ballet of Canada. I went to school to study dance, slept on the floor, ate nothing, waitressed – and then there was a Mary J. Blige audition.
Laurieann Gibson
I just feel Black women, we get slept on a lot and people don’t recognize our greatness in our curls and in chocolate skin.
Ari Lennox
I slept for four years. I didn’t study much of anything. I majored in something called communication arts.
Don DeLillo
My dad drove me to Eindhoven for training at 9am, he slept in the car, it finished at 11am, then we went back and I’d be in school in Almere until 4pm. We did that for four or five years.
Steven Bergwijn
When we got knocked out against Porto in the Champions League, I only slept two hours that night. I was not a nice person to be with after that match. I was struggling to get the result out of my system.
Ruud van Nistelrooy
When I was a baby, my mother tells me I never slept because I never wanted to miss anything.
Scott Baio
My brother and I slept on the couch. I didn’t get my own room until I was in college. We didn’t even have a telephone until I was in college.
Ving Rhames
There are a limited number of letters in the alphabet. AFL? Nope, taken. BFL? Eh, doesn’t sound very good. CFL? Taken. DFL? What’s the D stand for?… They went all the way down the list, slept on it for a couple of days, came back – and, long story short, they said the XFL still has some brand equity.
Oliver Luck
When I was training in medicine for example, there was a culture in medicine that strong people didn’t need sleep, that the less you slept, the more you just powered through a tough call not on no sleep, the stronger you were. That is not helpful to have a culture that supports healthy practices like that.
Vivek Murthy
Sleep is so important. I think more important than we know. When I haven’t slept, I’m not myself. I’m not as easy-going.
Elsa Hosk
Hilda and I slept alongside each other fully dressed, head to feet.
Stanley Spencer
I’ll never forget my mom coming into the room middle of the night with YouTube videos of hypnotizing people saying, ‘You’re happy, you’re going to be okay,’ and she just played it in my ear as I slept.
Kaitlyn Bristowe
There were days when my father didn’t have money for food, and we slept hoping the next day something could be got from work.
Sergio Aguero