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I started playing when I was 10 for Milan, and I quit w

I started playing when I was 10 for Milan, and I quit when I was 41, so it’s a long, long career.
Paolo Maldini
I want to end my career at Milan.
Filippo Inzaghi
My mission is to be kept on by Milan. Nobody wants to stay with the Rossoneri for only for one season.
Bojan Krkic
The decision to go to Milan, as everyone knows, made me mature as a man. It was a big chance and perhaps too big for the man I was at the time.
Leonardo Bonucci
I stayed in Milan for six years. I stayed in Madrid for four years. I played in Brazil for nine years, so I always think about the good projects.
It is a great honour for me to be the Milan coach. It’s a lot of pressure and responsibility too, but I like that.
Gennaro Gattuso
When I first went to Milan, my agent said you have to give off a strong, masculine energy. They don’t like campiness. They like boys to appear straight and to appear masculine. I quickly learned the game of it and how to navigate around it.
Andreja Pejic
I met some beautiful people at Milan, first of all Rino Gattuso. It was a difficult year, but that’s not to say it was useless.
Leonardo Bonucci
I spent seven years with Jose and we were part of a very good technical staff. We went to top class clubs at Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan and worked with top players who gave us such a tremendous volume of success.
Andre Villas-Boas
In management, everything is different. If you look at successful coaches, they always need time to kickstart something. Arrigo Sacchi – when he started the revolution at Milan, he was almost on the brink of being sacked, but then he won, and people started believing in the system; he had more time to breathe.
Edgar Davids
I like Chelsea, Milan and Inter. I have always followed the two Italian teams because my role models when I was young were Ronaldinho and Ronaldo, and they played for those teams.
We’re Milan and we’re not afraid of anyone.
Filippo Inzaghi
The players who played for Milan when I was a child are legends for what they’ve won and given to football. Then, when I got bigger, Nesta became my idol and I went on to become a defender.
Leonardo Bonucci
I have never seen a talent like Ronaldo. He always scores, scores, scores. The first game he played for Milan, Sienna away, I said to him, ‘I can’t put you on the pitch. You are 100kg.’ ‘Mister,’ he said, ‘don’t worry, I will score.’ I put him in, and he scored twice.
Carlo Ancelotti
My dream is to stay at AC Milan for my entire career.
Filippo Inzaghi
I hope Milan will become the model to follow for Italian teams – it would mean that we had gone far in the Champions League!
There are teams I like a lot like Inter and AC Milan, so I’d think about going to the Italian league.
I have gone through a lot of things, everything that you can imagine in life, but the best has been Gerard and Milan.
I have changed quite a lot since I came to Milan and I think I have become a more all-round footballer.
My office in Milan is in an old factory. I have all my companies here, including Italia Independent and Independent Ideas.
Lapo Elkann
Designers from Milan think that ‘more is more,’ like Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana.
Coco Rocha
Ancelotti is a coach with a lot of experience. He won the Champions League while at Milan, playing some great football in the process.
Fabio Cannavaro
I bought a place in Milan, but Missoni headquarters are out in the country, in Sumirago. My whole family eats out of the same vegetable garden; my mother raises chickens. I love the city, but if you’re always bombarded with stimulation, you get numb to it. I need to get bored to create.
Margherita Missoni
I am very happy at Milan.
Thiago Silva
I don’t regret my choice to sign for Milan.
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
I am not quite sure where home is right now. I do have places in London and Milan, and a house in Spain. I guess I would say home is where my mother is, and she lives in Spain.
Sarah Brightman
I think Milan lack a bit of renovation and planning for the future. Too often, they focused only on the present, particularly after the 2007 Champions League triumph.
Paolo Maldini
I grew up watching the great Milan teams with the Dutch players.
Hernan Crespo
Ancelotti has managed a lot of big clubs, and I think he would do well at Madrid because Juventus, Milan, Chelsea, and Paris Saint-Germain are big clubs.
Edgar Davids
I have never been at a club where the players talked so much about a previous manager as they did about Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan.
Diego Forlan
I chose Milan for many reasons. It is a great club and the team is made of an historic group of players.
Bojan Krkic
Coming back to AC Milan was like I'd never been away, a

Coming back to AC Milan was like I’d never been away, actually: you know everybody; everybody knows you.
Clarence Seedorf
Kaka, he made history with Milan and if he is loved so much it means he did well.
Gennaro Gattuso
My favourite authors are Milan Kundera and Jeanette Winterson.
Paloma Faith
Milan, Inter, Roma, Juventus, Lazio – all of the big Italian clubs would be nice, but my son has a lot of work to do to show himself off and demonstrate his talent. Let’s take things slowly.
To those who call me a mercenary I say that I also had interest from abroad, where I would have earned more. I have chosen Milan because, in my head, there is the idea of repeating the course I had at Juventus, where we had started rebuilding, as in this case, and we came to the top.
Leonardo Bonucci
I am always grateful to my team-mates at Milan for what we achieved.
I have spent half of my career at Milan.
Clarence Seedorf
I am very happy to coach AC Milan, it’s a very big opportunity for me because Milan is the club of my life.
Filippo Inzaghi
The last problem Milan have to worry about is Rino Gattuso. I feel at home here and have great responsibility towards this club. Those aren’t just words, I really mean it.
Gennaro Gattuso
After all the good years in the kit, I hope to close my career with Milan.
Filippo Inzaghi
If Inter decide to sell me, I’ll pack my bags and go. If not, I’ll stay here in Milan where I am honestly very happy.
Mauro Icardi
When I was talking with Shanghai, I was talking to big clubs from Europe, as well. There was Atletico Madrid, who I almost joined. I liked them very much and what they were offering me at the time. There was also Juventus, Inter Milan, and AC Milan. I had some options.
When I went to AC Milan, they were four points away from the relegation zone, and by the end of the season, we were just one goal away from being in the Europa League.
Clarence Seedorf
During my time away from football I was with Milan and Barcelona during training. The most impressive thing about Barcelona was how humble they all are. The humility of the players and staff was fantastic.
Gianfranco Zola
Milan offered me something. I was very interested by the project. It did not happen for many reasons.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
If you’re a talented player, and you’re 20 years old, you should be playing in the UEFA Champions League or in the elite European teams like AC Milan, Juventus, or Chelsea.
Clarence Seedorf
I’ve come to Milan because I think I can play; otherwise, I wouldn’t have come here. I’m pleased they were interested in me.
Gerard Deulofeu
I was in Milan, and somebody gave me a Trussardi diary, and I thought ‘Genius.’ Inside I put the Polaroids, how much film I shot, who I shot with. This way, for billing later on, I had all the information.
Sante D’Orazio
Milan is marvellous, picturesque, and full of elegance.
Wesley Sneijder
The arrival of Beckham at Milan is not just a matter of marketing.
Fabio Cannavaro
For seven years, I had a business relationship in Milan, Milano. Dealing with Italians, just, let me tell you… Are we the same? Good lord, no! That’s why Europe’s fun – it’s fun because it’s different. A political project that seeks to make it all the same – it’s ghastly.
Nigel Farage
All the games we play are worth the same because we can aim to get points in the league. Milan wants to fight until the end in the league and wants to compete with everyone until the last match day.
Clarence Seedorf
Marcel Desailly was pretty hard when I played against him in a Milan derby.
Paul Ince
Beauty and fashion are not really local anymore. You really have to be a global citizen to know what trends are. Now, it’s pretty much the same designers and the same kind of trends, whether I am in New York, Milan, or Mumbai – it’s the same.
Priyanka Chopra
I have a restaurant in Milan, and Paper Moon is five minutes away from my hotel, so I always go there for lunch. It’s a casual place that serves good salad, pizza and pasta; the space is tight with tables close together, and it feels buzzy. Food comes out fast, too.
Nobu Matsuhisa
Someone said that my coaching is a combination of Milan’s defensive discipline and the Dutch propensity for attacking football, and I think that is a fair description.
Frank Rijkaard
I love Milan because it’s my home town. But Paris is the dream city: even when you’re stressed out in shows, you look around, and everything is so beautiful. Then, in New York, I love the energy of the city.
Bianca Balti
I knew from day one what I was going into with the Milan job.
Gennaro Gattuso
I have to say that clubs like Piacenza, Atalanta, and Parma always call me, they make me feel important. Probably they also appreciated me as a man, not just as a player. But after everything I’ve experienced with the Rossoneri’s shirt, I think it’s right that I end my career at Milan.
Filippo Inzaghi
I quit my job in the bank when I was 19. I took a chance. I went to Milan to study opera and singing. My father really supported me economically.
Marcello Giordani
In Milan, I’m treated with the respect that doctors receive in America. It’s wonderful living where artists are revered.
Terence Trent D’Arby
The press always pick on British fashion, but I don't t

The press always pick on British fashion, but I don’t think that there are more successful young designers than in Paris or Milan. It’s all a myth.
Louise Wilson