Top 140 Huge Part Quotes

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I felt so loved and taken care of, and that's a huge pa

I felt so loved and taken care of, and that’s a huge part of the reason I’m able to do what I do.
Daveed Diggs
Action was something I really wanted to do and will continue doing it in future as well, but at the same time, I know dancing and songs are huge part of Bollywood, and it will be my top priority to excel in that.
Amy Jackson
I think the States is a huge part of the music industry worldwide. There are so many other artists and music industry people here, so I think to be working my audience here is definitely a go.
Even though music is a huge part of my life, it doesn’t make up the whole picture.
Brandi Cyrus
I tried snowboarding at 14, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I snowboarded every day off I had, every weekend I had off of school, every holiday we had off from school, and it became a huge part of my life, not just what I love to do, but really just kind of who I was.
Amy Purdy
I started performing with the Boston Children’s Opera when I was 5, and I stayed working with that group until I was about 12 or 13, so that was a huge part of my life. It was, weirdly, an extremely professional environment geared towards kids.
Barrett Wilbert Weed
I’m a video game enthusiast. I love video games! They were a huge part of my upbringing in their early form, when I was all about ‘Dig Dug’ and ‘River Raid.’ As they evolved, so did my music-making, and we just kind of grew up together like cool friends.
A huge part of my career and how I want to participate in the world is being unapologetically myself and being honest and vulnerable.
Paloma Elsesser
A huge part of my writing process is listening to music as I write, almost creating an unofficial soundtrack to the film I’m working on, a sort of playlist. But the specific songs change rapidly as I write.
Panos Cosmatos
The audience plays a huge part in how a piece will actually form. They really allow the performers to walk a tightrope in a way that never seems to happen in the privacy of your own four walls. I’m listening to the audience, and they’re listening to me.
Evelyn Glennie
My grandmother is a huge part of my life. She’s just a great woman: a woman of the church.
Chance The Rapper
Boundary setting is really a huge part of time management.
Jim Loehr
My audience is a huge part of my success, so I see us as a team. They send me tons of song requests every day. Some of the songs I’ve never heard before, but I listen to them and then pick the ones that I love.
Lindsey Stirling
My kids are a huge part of my life.
Andrea Leadsom
Being married was a huge part of my life. I spent six and a half years with someone, and it didn’t work. Anyone in a long-term relationship knows how hard that is.
Jonathan Scott
I have always loved the Bay Area. I spent a lot of time in the Bay Area. I started my career there. That’s a huge part of the excitement for me.
Chili Davis
If you take your kid in for the sniffles, you pay $20, but the full cost is $200. And so we need to get back to the price system where you see the full cost of health care, and then people will make smarter decisions. That will reduce health care costs, and it’s a huge part of our economy.
Dave Brat
With the Internet and social media being a huge part of today’s culture, I think it’s super important to promote staying smart online.
G. Hannelius
Music is just a huge part of my life. It affects moods. I’ve always found it insane how you can hear one song, and it takes you back to a specific, specific moment in your life, and you remember it vividly like it was yesterday.
Mike Vogel
A huge part of acting in movies is appetite. You do your best work when you’ve got a lot of appetite and you really want to embrace something. When you get tired, you don’t have that hunger.
Clive Owen
Religion has been a huge part of my life.
Elizabeth Smart
That’s a huge part of being a human being: looking for love and finding a partner in this world. When you constantly play characters who don’t have that life, it feels incomplete and not totally human.
John Cho
Humor is a huge part of the way I operate; if people can’t understand a joke then they should not follow me.
Shibani Dandekar
That was a huge part of my training, doing improv in Chicago.
Vanessa Bayer
Theater will always be a huge part of my life. The high I get from doing theater is not, quite honestly, matched by many things. I like the fact that when you step out on the stage, for that given night, for better or for worse, you are the master of the boards. I love it to death.
Chris Pine
The deaf community relies so much on eye contact, expression and body language. It’s such a huge part of who we are.
Millicent Simmonds
My training of cold-calling and everyone under the sun telling me no, and my keeping going, was a huge part of the first two years of Spanx.
Sara Blakely
I want to have the great roles that move people profoundly. I want to have the choice and be given the opportunity to play those roles, and unfortunately, fame plays a huge part in that.
Essie Davis
I sometimes wonder why I talk about Judaism so much in my act, and the reason is that it’s such a huge part of who I am, and I only make fun of stuff that I care about.
Moshe Kasher
Acting is such a huge part of my life. It really allows me to have a creative outlet and to actually be able to have an outlet to discuss openly the things that truly I think are relevant in the world, that make a difference.
Ian Somerhalder
To me, that’s a huge part of hitting – trying to keep things as simple as possible.
Buster Posey
Governments will always play a huge part in solving big

Governments will always play a huge part in solving big problems. They set public policy and are uniquely able to provide the resources to make sure solutions reach everyone who needs them. They also fund basic research, which is a crucial component of the innovation that improves life for everyone.
Bill Gates
I’m kind of floating out there as an artist. I’m in a safe place where I can play a girlfriend or a best friend or a mommy or a lawyer, but a huge part of me is unused. I’m classically trained, historically inclined and somewhat revolutionary by nature, so I’m frustrated as an artist.
Nicole Ari Parker
Without my dad doing what he did, and without me putting in the hours, there wouldn’t be any travelling the world or playing with the pros. He’s a huge part of it.
Frances Tiafoe
Music has always been a huge part of my life from a very young age, and today it remains a very powerful and natural way for me to connect with people, as well as my children.
I certainly think, obviously, rhythm is a huge part of being an actor. It just is unconscious, to a degree, but particularly in comedy, rhythm is pretty essential, and there’s probably something more physiological going on.
Simon Helberg
Television has been a powerful medium and it has been a huge part of my life at least 15 years.
Pankaj Kapur
Showing weakness and showing fear and letting people in was a huge part of my comeback.
Mardy Fish
I feel like a lot of the female relationships I see on TV or in movies are in some way free of the kind of jealousy and anxiety and posturing that has been such a huge part of my female friendships, which I hope lessens a little bit with age.
Lena Dunham
Music is a huge part of my life when I am on the road, working out, or preparing for a game. It is something I always go back to, and it is something that motivates me. It gets me hype before a game.
Giannis Antetokounmpo
There’s a huge part of me that’s thinking about perfection. I have to fight that urge, to try to live in the moment, reach for something that I might be hearing, and not second-guess myself.
Aaron Diehl
Queen Latifah has been a huge part of my career. She has been a huge, huge part of my career since the very beginning.
Keke Palmer
Of course WWE is a huge part of me and I will never shut that door fully.
Summer Rae
My friends are a huge part of my inspiration.
Waris Ahluwalia
I have one brother who’s five years older than me and he was a huge part of my childhood.
Bart Millard
The clothes were a huge part of what made ‘Dynasty’ fun.
Joan Collins
Money and success haven’t really changed my beliefs or opinions over the years. When I was growing up, my mum and dad split when I was 13 or 14, during the early-Nineties recession. At that time, my dad went bankrupt, and it played a huge part in it all at home.
Matt Bellamy
‘Boom Bang a Bang’ was a huge part of me, maybe a part that I didn’t relish, and there might be psychological reasons for that – I was a child being made to do things I didn’t want to do. I was perhaps an elitist, a bit of a snob.
The surgery will always be a huge part of my life. I’m going to need to help people with weight problems for the rest of my life so that I can maintain my weight.
Carnie Wilson
My mom is my manager and handles day-to-day business to keep the DeGarmo machine up and running! She’s a huge, huge part of my career and my life.
Diana DeGarmo
Technology is going to play a huge part in tomorrow’s music business. And the companies that will win are going to be the most equipped to understand how to use data to further an artist’s career.
Troy Carter
Ever since I was a little girl music was my escape and it was something that I did and was a huge part of me; aside from what my grades were in school. It was something that was truly mine.
Martie Maguire
Fortunately, the DC Universe is full enough and replete enough with every kind of character that you could want, that it’s not that hard to find the right character. Sometimes it’s nothing more than an Easter egg, or a name drop, and sometimes it’s someone like ‘Deathstroke,’ who is a huge part of the DC Universe.
Marc Guggenheim
I grew up in the South, so a huge part of our American History education revolved around the Civil War.
Anson Mount
When entrepreneurs talk about their success, they rarely talk about luck. I think that’s because most of them think the concept denigrates the hard work and smart thinking they put into their projects. But luck is a huge part of any successful business.
Marc Randolph