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I'd say my fashion or beauty tip is to take the thing a

I’d say my fashion or beauty tip is to take the thing about you that makes you most distinctive and then exaggerate it. So if you have a little bushy unibrow, make it a dramatic unibrow. If you’re balding, go completely bald.
Sasha Velour
This is so cliche and cheesy but so true – seeing how happy people get if you A. give them a beauty product or B. give them a tip that works. There’s such joy in finding a good beauty product.
Eva Chen
The Gunnar Challenge offers new workouts every day, a meal plan and daily ‘verbal vitamins,’ which are a motivational video or workout tip. The thing that really makes the program work is the forum, where Challengers can communicate with each other and with me.
Gunnar Peterson
If I had to give a tip to aspiring designers, it would be to re-look past designs and be inspired. But don’t just copy.
Sussanne Khan
My mother still has a three-step system to eating candy corn. First she eats the white tip, then the orange middle, then the yellow end. She swears each segment tastes different.
Rosecrans Baldwin
When I was at Babbo, I was covered in scars and scabs and burned bits – melted hair, ribbed burns I got reaching across the top of a hot skillet… I sliced off the tip of my finger. I cleaved my forehead – a deep, ugly wound. Luckily, it regenerated.
Bill Buford
What’s in the movie compared to what we shot is the tip of the iceberg.
Natasha Richardson
We are all just the tip of a pinprick of the millions of things that had to happen in order for us to be here.
Grace Potter
Every now and then you get a nice Jewish kid who likes black people and they would come in, and it would be a stream of them, and have black friends and really feel the black struggle on the acting tip and it’s a reason why all of us are not dying in the movie.
Mike Epps
Michael will always, to me, be the best player ever. He changed the game. He made it global. Every player today should tip their hat to him.
Toni Kukoc
A lot of times when you’re young and carefree, you don’t realize, when you tip over the edge, how difficult it is to climb back in.
Joe Cocker
You are one-third as productive in open-plan offices as in quiet rooms. I have a tip for you: if you work in spaces like that, carry headphones with you, with a soothing sound like birdsong. Put them on, and your productivity goes back up to triple what it would be.
Julian Treasure
London cabs always dis me. I purposefully give them a good tip because I’m trying to straighten up the image where they don’t want to pick up some shady-looking, bummy kid like myself. I’m trying to teach them that if you pick up the bummy-looking kid, you still get tipped, man. But they still jerk me around.
Mike D
My unusual beauty tip is that I often use Vaseline to take my make up off. It works great and is good for sensitive skin.
Rachel Bilson
I remember being infuriated from the top of my head to the tip of my toes the first time a screen was put around Bob Carter and me on a train leaving Washington in the 1940s.
Constance Baker Motley
My core is grime. But I make all kinds of music. Take Picasso. He could paint whatever way he liked. He could do a little ting with a felt tip if he wanted to – it’s still going to be a bad boy Picasso at the end.
I wanted to get some nose job, because I don’t like how my nose tip looks. My hand is also not as pretty, especially my thumb nails. Many people told me that I have ugly hands.
Park Shin-hye
Sometimes you’ve got to tip your cap when they’re painting stuff on the corner. But you can’t give up, got to keep battling and make some adjustments.
Aaron Judge
The only tip I can give is just be yourself, you don’t have to copy another song to be popular.
As someone who works from home, my top style tip is to make sure you get dressed in the morning.
Kate Reardon
Don’t eat the pizza; get lots of sleep – you have to take care of yourself. It’s about being your tip top self at all times, and if you are unhealthy, or you’re sick, or you don’t feel good, even it’s just because you’re sluggish, you’re not going to make it because you’re not going to be able to react to things.
Harper Reed
I think titles are extremely important for novels: They can set the tone, tip you off, serve as shorthand for what the essential contents are.
Elizabeth Berg
I’m too frightened of confrontation, so I will always tip – even if the service has been really shoddy.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
A tip that I got from my mom that really helps keep my skin fresh is to wash my face with ice water in the morning. I love it. Just splash with water – cold water. That’s the first thing I do every morning.
Khoudia Diop
Language is a skin: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with desire.
Roland Barthes
Tell a story with your eyes when you face the camera – it makes all the difference. My best tip for making skin look good in photographs is to go easy on the make-up. You don’t want it to look heavy and mask-like.
Thandie Newton
That artists are called to be more responsible and ‘true’ is a tip of hat to their power.
Anna Deavere Smith
People get nervous driving around corners, thinking they’re going to tip over. But you can go soooo much faster through the curves than you realize.
Lindsey Vonn
I’m from a little town from the south tip of France, to be able to play in Coachella and meet other artists from all over the world and to connect with people that I love from my hometown is something amazing.
I still use felt tip pens for my notes, on a white board that I carry around with me. I am not into the computer technology – you can say that quite safely.
John Motson
Once you pass by the high crests of the snow-capped Pyrenees and move to the wild shores of the very lowest tip of southwest France bordering Spain, you are in Basque country.
Carol Drinkwater
These are just the tip of the iceberg, because I read a

These are just the tip of the iceberg, because I read and read and read. I read everything.
Jack Vance
I traveled with my mother, Lela, and there was never enough money. I always had to roll down my silk stockings and carry a doll when we bought train tickets so I could go half-fare. If we had $3, we always figured how to tip for the trunks and still eat.
Ginger Rogers
Understand tipping culture. Whereas Americans tip 15-20% when dining out, most European countries don’t tip, as a service charge is typically included in the bill. Make sure you’re not over-tipping by doing research before traveling.
Gillian Tans
Driving a cab is not really a nurturing type of relationship. You take people and they tip you, they may not tip you, you don’t know their names, they don’t care about you, you don’t care about them.
Pam Grier
In the springtime, we have softshell crab from Maryland, which I’d never had until I came to America. In the summer and early fall, we have striped bass, ‘stripeys,’ which come all the way up the Hudson River but mostly gather in the sound at the tip of Long Island, off Montauk.
Daniel Boulud
Most times we would make more money in the tip boxes – they called it – than we were getting paid.
Little Milton
Know how and how much to tip people who expect gratuities, even in the case of poor service.
Marilyn vos Savant
I try to steal from the best. Suck it all in. ‘Taxi Driver’ is really a bible for film actors, a master class. A lot of emotional power, a lot of emotional depth but it’s contained and you just see the tip of the iceberg.
Sam Rockwell
My best hostess tip is to have good food and really good music!
Jennifer Aniston
A movie is like a tip of an iceberg, in a way, because so little of what you do in connection with making a movie actually gets into the movie. Almost everything gets left behind.
Errol Morris
I have a tip that will take five strokes off anyone’s golf game. It’s called an eraser.
Arnold Palmer
We definitely do a lot of tip drills at practice and try to work on your hand-eye coordination and stuff like that.
Connor McDavid
I’ve always wanted to ride through the Pampas, and explore right down to the tip of Patagonia.
Mary Nightingale
I’ve learned what Tip O’Neill meant when he said all politics is local. We need more people in Congress who have this experience, who have this boots-on-the-ground experience.
Jim Gray
As for restaurants and fast-food places who tip tons of oil down their drains, they are routinely encouraged to use fat traps, but enforcement is minimal. It costs money to cart away fat (although now that fat is being turned into energy, it can make money).
Rose George
Sunscreen is my number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 tip. I’m a fanatic, partially because I live in L.A. and have fair skin and freckles, and partially because of my kids. My mom always made me wear sunscreen and I’m trying to be that mom for them.
Alison Sweeney
The top tip for parenting, especially for newly married couples or people trying to have a baby: you should want to have a child.
Reham Khan
Always tip a drag queen. If they’re good, they deserve it. And if they’re bad, at least they’ll go away after that buck.
Willam Belli
My quick beauty tip is always have a tinted gloss of some kind to give you some color even if you have no makeup on.
Rachel Bilson
We’re going to lose Social Security and Medicare if Republicans and Democrats do not come together and find a solution like Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill. I will be the Ronald Reagan if I can find a Tip O’Neill.
Lindsey Graham
In the military, a combatant command is the ultimate job. It’s the pointy tip of the spear, overseeing the people carrying the rifles and flying the aircraft.
Tammy Duckworth
For women, my best travel tip is to invest in two to three cashmere ponchos. I buy the brand Minnie Rose. They’re good cover in three seasons, and they make wonderful travel blankets.
Elin Hilderbrand
My top beauty tip is to drink lots of water. It might sound lame, but it works.
Georgia Salpa