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Life here (in the Pacific Northwest, not in Vancouver,

Life here (in the Pacific Northwest, not in Vancouver, Seattle, Portland or the chain of buildings connecting them but in the rest of the place, out west and east from the north-south I-5 river) can sometimes feel like a half-dream, half-myth.
Phil Elverum
With ‘Breathe’, the whole team feels lucky and blessed that our hard work has created a story which people are connecting with.
Amit Sadh
You can connect with an audience by being a conduit. I’m a big believer of connecting wrestling audiences.
Jeff Jarrett
For connecting the government and private sector, while breaking through infamous federal bureaucracy, Ivanka Trump is exactly what Washington needed. She’s making policy changes inside the beltway, prompting an improvement in the lives of individuals across the country.
Katie Pavlich
Even before Europe was united in an economic level or was conceived at the level of economic interests and trade, it was culture that united all the countries of Europe. The arts, literature, music are the connecting link of Europe.
Dario Fo
I’m never gonna be somebody who’s gonna fall down from the sky on a trapeze. That’s not me. I really want to make sure that my focus stays on connecting with the audience.
Sara Bareilles
My writing is about connecting ways of talking to human relationships. My purpose is to show that linguistics has something to offer in understanding and improving relationships.
Deborah Tannen
Beale Street is a very famous street in the history of America. You know, American music in particular. From the blues to jazz, it’s a connecting city from New Orleans that goes all the way up to Buffalo through New York.
Ron Cephas Jones
The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.
I like connecting with people, and that’s what good art is: a point of connection. There’s nothing better, on stage or on film.
Ruth Negga
What we’re doing with Airbnb feels like the nexus of everything that is right. We’re helping people be more resourceful with the space they already have, and we’re connecting people around the world.
Joe Gebbia
If you can get better at your job, you should be an active member of LinkedIn, because LinkedIn should be connecting you to the information, insights and people to be more effective.
Reid Hoffman
My way of connecting to the community that I imagined was out there somewhere for me, but wasn’t there right now was to download tons and tons of discographies of famed divas. So I had Christina Aguilera’s discography, Whitney Houston’s discography, Mariah Carey’s discography, all of that.
Liv Bruce
I think that once I started connecting dots of where my food was coming from and the reality of that, as opposed to maybe what you think it is as a little kid, and the realities of how my food was getting to my plate and what the real effects of that are. When I started connecting those dots, I couldn’t disconnect them.
Austin Aries
I love performing, and connecting with an audience never gets old for me, but it does get old for me when my audience is just only interested in something they’ve already heard.
Steve Miller
As much as I love Twitter, Twitter feuds aren’t going to work. Actually connecting requires true face-to-face time. I believe with all my heart that it’s only after working side by side with another person that you earn the right to speak into that person’s life.
Chip Gaines
I don’t really care about audio quality. If people saw some of the ways that I record stuff, they’d see I don’t care in that respect. I obviously care about things sounding good, but I think quality exists through other things like emotionally connecting with a lyric or a feeling, or whatever.
Dev Hynes
I mean the whole thing about meditation and yoga is about connecting to the higher part of yourself, and then seeing that every living thing is connected in some way.
Gillian Anderson
As a touring musician over the last 15 years, before streaming and iPods, you had to listen to terrestrial radio wherever you were. That’s always been my way of connecting to a location. Turn on the radio, search through the dial.
Maren Morris
At the organisational level, our party has to really develop a new style of connecting with the people. We have to also look at the way we project our programmes, our policies.
Sonia Gandhi
You can’t manufacture the feeling of being in a small crowd and connecting on every single level to the very last person in the very last row in the back. I think when you evolve into a headlining act and things get bigger, the intimacy and some of that energy gets lost a little bit.
Jay DeMarcus
Mountaineering helps in developing confidence and when I scaled Mt. Everest, I saw many people connecting with me which inspired me to scale all peaks across the globe.
Arunima Sinha
Songwriting is like going to church. I’m connecting to something, and it’s rewarding in really important ways. I don’t need to share it with anyone to feel good about it.
Juliana Hatfield
‘Harlem: The Unmaking of a Ghetto’ is a surprise and a fresh way of looking at Harlem, connecting the black district with the architecture of its historical past.
Darryl Pinckney
Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it’s important that parents and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well – a teaching garden, connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum.
Alice Waters
When I first got started in this whole world of online connecting, we were combating this antiquated stereotype of who used online dating, and we really set out to make it popular with millennials. What I find to be so fascinating now is, I’m seeing an inverse in that trend.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
The road, lyric-wise, is a trap, and a bore. Maybe it’s interesting to me, but I don’t think it’s a connecting thing with other humans. What is there to write about? Truck stops, hotels, clubs?
Dean Wareham
Performing a song is intense. When I see people connecting, it makes it all worthwhile.
Sharon Van Etten
When we play games online, it’s always so fun because that’s something that we genuinely connect with because they usually like the same stuff that I like, so connecting with them there is amazing.
Jessica Nigri
Art is about profundity. It’s about connecting to everything that it means to be alive, but you have to act.
Jeff Koons
It was writing about music for NPR – connecting with music fans and experiencing a sense of community – that made me want to write songs again. I began to feel I was in my head too much about music, too analytical.
Carrie Brownstein
It's often out of my own insecurity. If I'm picky, it's

It’s often out of my own insecurity. If I’m picky, it’s for that reason. I want to be able to bring my best to the table. So if I’m not connecting to something, then I’m not gonna hold up my end of the bargain, and that’s really embarrassing.
Rachel McAdams
The fans have been an enormous influence on my career. Playing shows around the world and connecting with them is such a big inspiration in my life.
To say Roman Reigns isn’t connecting with an audience means you’re not listening. I’ve watched a lot of Roman Reigns, and every single time I see him, I hear noise. He connects very well with our audience.
John Cena
For me, social media isn’t just about connecting with friends and sharing photos; it’s a bigger, more tangled web that’s led me to jobs working in television, speaking gigs around the country, and it’s even helped me land my first book deal!
Franchesca Ramsey
The problem of getting from home to the metro, BRT or bus stop makes many people take their cars to work. Why not start a fleet of electric buses that just circle through neighbourhoods connecting them to the various public transport hubs?
Abhijit Banerjee
Use a personal firewall. Configure it to prevent other computers, networks and sites from connecting to you, and specify which programs are allowed to connect to the net automatically.
Kevin Mitnick
I love that my music is connecting with people, but I don’t think there’ll be a point where I feel like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m famous now.’
Once everyone feels love within them, we can start spreading it and connecting to other people that are love-minded.
As human beings we’re visual creatures, and it’s so easy to play the guitar by looking at it. It’s a real challenge to go from that visual way of perceiving the guitar to getting back to that pure sound connecting to the instrument.
Paul Gilbert
Using social media can often be the fastest and easiest way to connect with online influencers because they are already established platforms for connecting with like-minded individuals.
Lewis Howes
By cultivating rich social networks, by cultivating weak ties, not just close ties but the weak ties, by becoming connectors and by connecting others so that they connect us, we create a world in which these self-amplifying feedback loops feed on top of each other.
Jason Silva
When Facebook launched, it dove headfirst into a brave new world. No one knew that the cost of connecting people all over the world for ad revenue was eventually going to be Cambridge Analytica.
Sarah Jeong
I’ve always had a passion for technology, photography, startups, and connecting people. Bringing those aspects together made me successful.
Kevin Systrom
Whatever you are making, whether it’s a song, an album, a painting, a film, you’re connecting with a tradition, and I do feel connected to New York music.
Rostam Batmanglij
If my way of connecting with the younger generation was to do what they do, they would see through it straight away. I have to keep it real to be who I am, and I think they see that.
Sometimes the music will tell you where to go. And when you find that place I believe is when you’re just connecting to the feelings and the heart and the people you’re with.
Natalia Lafourcade
Wrestling is about connecting with the audience. Giving them a reason to care. Same reason I binge watch series on Netflix, because the stories and characters get me invested.
Marty Scurll
One of the best pieces of wisdom I ever got is you work because you work, meaning you work because you’re saying yes to things, and you’re connecting with people.
Brian Stokes Mitchell
It’s made it easier to communicate important issues, but I wonder if connecting with millions of people online is ever as arresting to someone’s attention as one man standing and screaming in front of City Hall.
Jim Parsons
Obviously, if you look at the history of rail in the U.S., it took courageous entrepreneurs to have that vision of connecting the whole nation from east to west.
Shervin Pishevar
I really like connecting with kids.
Gregory H. Johnson
Most of what I like doing in performing is connecting with an audience. What’s the point of doing standup if you’re not doing that?
Rose Matafeo
Wrestling has been a journey through life, connecting different parts of my life.
Dana Brooke
When I’m on stage, it’s like a different world … me connecting with the audience. It’s a surreal experience.
I am a big believer that orderliness begets wealth. A pile of bills and statements – whether paid or not – is a sign that someone is clueless about what’s coming in and going out. When you consciously open, read, and file away your bills and statements, you are connecting with your money and taking control of your life.
Suze Orman
Connecting people to jobs and to each other is absolutely vital to a city’s economy (and to the wider economy).
Lucy Powell
I love writing songs and being a musician, but you can’t really buy the feeling of connecting with people.
Michael Kiwanuka
I truly believe that what we’re seeing with online dating is very similar to what happened with the Myspace-Facebook era, where Myspace was once this place for online connecting for a very select group of young people. And then Facebook kind of hit at this moment where it was acceptable for everybody to do it.
Whitney Wolfe Herd
Nokia, with its deep experience in connecting people and its three strong businesses, is well-positioned to tap new opportunities during this time of technological change. I look forward to working with the entire Nokia team as we embark on this exciting journey.
Rajeev Suri
Boxing has helped millions around the world as a trigger for self belief, identity and connecting. It is therapy for rage.
Nigel Benn
Kids are coming online and connecting at a pace that’s faster than their physical maturation process. Would you ever imagine that you’d have to talk to your kid about phishing before you’re talking to him about the birds and the bees?
Jared Cohen
As an artist, it feels good that we've created somethin

As an artist, it feels good that we’ve created something that is connecting with the audience, which is what we always strive to do.
Rich Moore
I teach a lot of young musical theatre actors, and I notice that a lot of them say that they have a harder time connecting the classic repertoire.
Lindsay Mendez
Any enterprise CEO really ought to be able to ask a question that involves connecting data across the organization, be able to run a company effectively, and especially to be able to respond to unexpected events. Most organizations are missing this ability to connect all the data together.
Tim Berners-Lee
During my training to become an airline captain, I had to learn how to navigate an airplane over long distances. Flights over huge oceans, crossing extensive deserts, and connecting continents need careful planning to ensure a safe arrival at the planned destination.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The gigantic tension before the shooting of an arrow, and the total relaxation seconds later, is my way of connecting to the universe.
Paulo Coelho
Saudi Arabia has also changed. People today are connecting with each other all across the world through small gadgets and television. It’s a different society.
Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
I missed a connecting flight once and the girlfriend I was with started to cry. And I was like ‘Look, just chill. We’ve got an open ticket. This really isn’t a big deal.’
Chloe Madeley
I like meeting people and I like connecting with people, but I still find Im quite shy about it. I find it stressful, but I like it.
Mary McCartney
As far as social media and all that, I understand connecting with fans on a different level, but I don’t feel the need to open myself up to the opinion of everybody in the world with a phone or computer. I just don’t get that, being connected to everybody on such a superficial level like that. It’s not really for me.
Dean Ambrose
I foresee online gaming changing when there are good audio-visual links connecting the participants, thus approximating play in a face-to-face group.
Gary Gygax
YouTube is growing up, is basically my view of it. Growing up means our creators are growing up; they’re getting more well known. We’re providing programs for them to generate more revenue so they can generate even better, high-quality shows, and then also connecting them with the advertisers.
Susan Wojcicki
I hope that I would be considered romantic. I don’t know… one of my favorite movies is ‘The Notebook’ so I guess that would be considered romantic. But I think being romantic is more than the flowers and the gifts. It’s about connecting with the person and being able to talk and share things with her.
Taylor Lautner
I really enjoy connecting with the audience.
Carol Burnett
Gradually, people are connecting with my music, and that means the world to me.
Jana Kramer
In open-source in general, the power lies in connecting the author of the software directly to users, eliminating the middleman.
Peter Fenton
We live in such an isolating time with technology and social media and I think that creates this feeling of having to connect, of having so many ways to connect but nothing’s connecting.
Weyes Blood
Music’s the biggest way of connecting people.
This is what I have discovered – and it has been a gift in itself – that books live over and over again in different people’s minds. That I might mean one thing as I write, but a reader’s experiences will take it somewhere else. That is like a conversation, I think. It is a true connecting up.
Rachel Joyce
Connecting with my daughter is the most important thing in my life – the priority. I want to be a man who shows up for her. I want to have such a big influence on her, so that she knows she can call me about anything, which she does.
Jamie Foxx
It’s not enough to hit the notes. There is no point in the singers just standing there and sounding wonderful if they’re not connecting with the characters they are portraying.
Bruce Beresford
Sufi music talks about connecting people. It talks about connecting hearts and connecting man with God. Everything that talks about connection is Sufi.
Javed Ali
Many have a vague idea that they must make some wonderful effort in order to gain the favor of God. But all self-dependence is vain. It is only by connecting with Jesus through faith that the sinner becomes a hopeful, believing child of God.
Ellen G. White
Connecting with your fans in that way is just the coolest thing, because I am very fortunate that my fans let me be very open on my social media – never really judge me for that or anything.
Brett Eldredge
Whether it’s by helping us search for health-related information, connecting us with doctors through online portals, or enabling us to store and retrieve our medical records online, the Internet is starting to show the promise it has to transform the way people interact with and improve their own health and wellness.
Dean Ornish
Anyone who is passionate about what they do will have a better chance of connecting with future generations than those who simply follow transient trends. At least their work will have a distinctive character, and this is what people respond to, I believe.
Giorgio Armani
The first record I bought was a Carl Perkins record, because I saw him at The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho. I loved Elvis and I found out that he wrote ‘Blue Suede Shoes’… so connecting that experience of going to see him play was pretty awesome. That’s when I realised I wanted to play guitar.
Josh Homme
If I’m not writing well, I’m not happy. If I’m not spending enough time with my family, I’m not happy. If I’m not connecting to friends or if I don’t work out enough… You get the point. Everything has to be balanced. Nothing should be an extreme.
Harlan Coben
In my experience, in this industry, the things that have been breakthrough have all been about connecting human beings to each other, communicating with each other.
Renee James
A great pickup line is one I don’t even notice. It has me connecting with you, laughing, having a good time. And that definitely gets my attention.
Jennifer Morrison
I’m equally guilty of using technology – I Twitter, I text people, I chat. But I think there’s something strangely insidious about it that it makes us think we’re closer when in fact we’re not seeing each other, we’re not connecting.
Jason Reitman
There’s a time and place for everything, but as I get older, I like finding those human moments and really connecting. Maybe I’m not as cool as I once was.
Paul Walker
For the better half of my early 20s, I was Bubble Girl.

For the better half of my early 20s, I was Bubble Girl. When I found out I had leukemia at 22 my world suddenly dwindled to four white walls, a hospital bed, fluorescent lights and a thicket of tubes and wires connecting me to an IV pole.
Suleika Jaouad
You have to make sure that you and your child are connecting, and it does help when they are looking directly into your eyes.
Marcia Gay Harden
There’s nothing really connecting the behavior of the Nile, metallurgy, and the behavior of prices except that I had the mathematical tools to explain them.
Benoit Mandelbrot
When you don’t have to say ‘I love you,’ when you don’t have to prove your love by singing a song, or express it through the body, that’s two souls connecting.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Somebody with a billion followers can tweet, ‘See my movie,’ and it can still tank. Followers don’t always translate into success because I think people are too savvy. When something takes off, it’s because people are connecting to it – not because someone with a lot of followers says to care about it.
Kevin Bacon
I’m not personally connected to the Internet, although nearly everyone that I know is, and many of them have a great time and no problems with it. And on the surface you can see that the Internet could go an awful long way to educating, enlightening, informing and connecting the world.
Alan Moore
It’s always just a great thing to see your kids connecting and you see the different stages.
Christine Taylor
There is a need for improving connectivity of Mathura through air as well as connecting neighbouring pilgrim sites such as Barsana, Gokul, Dauji through a single rail route.
Hema Malini
I do see myself being that big star. I do believe I have the skills and ability to be that big star. I just need to be me, be fan friendly and keep connecting with the boxing fans.
Gervonta Davis
In retrospect, I do think it’s fair to say that we were overly idealistic and focused on more of the good parts of what connecting people and giving people a voice can bring.
Mark Zuckerberg
The role of social media is critical because it helps to spread cognitive dissonance by connecting thought leaders and activists to ordinary citizens rapidly expanding the network of people who become willing to take action.
Simon Mainwaring
Shaking’s one of the oldest practices known to man. Standing round a fire and connecting with the Earth and moving energy through the body because it’s where a lot of our stuff can get trapped.
Jerome Flynn
I’m always connecting with what society would label the outcasts and the weirdos and the lost souls.
We can’t blame children for occupying themselves with Facebook rather than playing in the mud. Our society doesn’t put a priority on connecting with nature. In fact, too often we tell them it’s dirty and dangerous.
David Suzuki
I take a lot of pride in connecting with people – period.
Zac Taylor
Starting in music, where I get a chance to connect with the lyrics of a song, I learned so much about performing on stage and connecting to your audience and to what you’re singing about. Singing is very emotional. Every song has its own purpose.
Naturi Naughton
Growing up, my parents loved Bon Jovi and Boston and Rush and all that, but it wasn’t really connecting with me. I was still in my boy-band phase – Backstreet Boys for life!
Cassadee Pope
I love being in the kitchen with my daughter right next to me on her step stool. It’s sweet; we’re connecting.
Tiffani Thiessen
My music is really about people connecting with their identities, even if they aren’t Jewish.
Videogames based on golf have often been viewed as, to mangle a phrase, a good walk through a virtual world spoiled. Connecting with your virtual golfers has often been as hard for gamers as understanding the sport itself.
Rob Manuel
It doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s about connecting with your audience. It doesn’t matter how technically good you are, if nobody wants to watch you then you’re no good to anybody.
William Regal
If the courts regarded tweets and other social media information as private, it would not prevent the law enforcement from getting information it really needs. But the government would have to get a search warrant, which requires it to show that it has probable cause connecting what is being searched to a crime.
Adam Cohen
I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. I really struggled in school with reading and writing. Art was my refuge – my way of speaking, of dealing with my own issues and connecting with the world.
Petra Collins
A lot of people are quite discouraged by the process of getting healthy because, one, they think they can’t afford it, and two, it’s daunting. I wanted to start a dialogue. Because you won’t be able to even get there until you actually accept yourself and start connecting with yourself.
Kate Hudson
I love Instagram – I don’t actually go on Twitter and tweet; I just connect it through my Instagram account. I think it’s a good way of getting stuff out there and connecting with people.
Behati Prinsloo
Shaking’s great. Shaking’s one of the oldest practices known to man. Standing round a fire and connecting with the earth and moving energy through the body because it’s where a lot of our stuff can get trapped. Yeah, I would recommend it.
Jerome Flynn
It definitely seems like we are connecting with people, which is nice, because I’ve had a lot of music do the same for me. It’s not like I don’t I understand why we get the reactions we do.
Jon Crosby
Primaries are the place where you see whose message is connecting with the largest number of people.
Mitt Romney
Sustainable production and consumption matter immensely to the people I meet every day as head of the International Trade Centre, which works with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them boost growth and job creation by improving their competitiveness and connecting to international markets.
Arancha Gonzalez
I like connecting with people through technology.
Theophilus London
You can give some kind of spark of life to a comic that a photograph doesn’t really have. A photograph, even if it’s connecting with you, it seems very dead on the page sometimes.
Daniel Clowes
Whether people jump up and down when they see us or are

Whether people jump up and down when they see us or are completely quiet, it just feels really good that they’re connecting.
Ted Dwane
I try to share a lot of my life on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, everything. I really like interacting with fans on Twitter and answering their questions and just getting to know them because it’s cool for them to have people who are connecting with my music reach out and show interest.
With Ikea Group ownership, TaskRabbit could realize even greater opportunities: increasing earning potential of Taskers and connecting consumers to a wide range of affordable services.
Stacy Brown-Philpot
Davos is about connecting the dots. It is a networking event and I mean that with the very best intention.
Margaret Brennan
I love connecting with a character out of the blue, not knowing why.
Katherine Waterston
The Internet is now the catalyst in our society for growing our economy, engaging in the democratic process, and connecting with one another. It is an information equalizer, and everyone from farmworkers to financiers deserves fair access to it.
Kevin de Leon
Producing is nothing more than bringing all the elements together, connecting people.
Brion James
Our team has always believed that neither cost and distance should ever prevent people from connecting with their friends and loved ones, and won’t rest until everyone, everywhere is empowered with that opportunity.
Jan Koum
In addition to building the skills needed for the jobs of today and connecting individuals to these jobs, it is imperative to foster entirely new ideas and industries that will create the jobs of tomorrow.
Tae Yoo
Connecting with fans online can be the make or break or some artists, and I think that’s a bit dangerous.
Jade Bird
In Barack Obama, Democrats have put forth a man of strong religious faith who is comfortable connecting his spiritual life to his public role as a policymaker.
Mike McCurry
The more those young fans get to understand that, ‘Hey, this guy does some of the same things I do,’ it creates a lot of interest and a lot of belief that they could become future big-leaguers. That’s really where it starts, inspiring, entertaining and connecting with those young fans in a way that they can understand.
Trevor Bauer
The DJ still has the relationship with the people, I believe. I don’t know to call the DJ ‘the ambassadors’ or what, but we still are connecting the dots, getting the good stuff and passing it on to the people. DJs still have relevance, even with the technology that elevates the DJ beyond being a selector.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Connecting with the kids is a great joy for me. I love meeting them backstage or at a signing event. I am overwhelmed when I meet kids who struggle with terminal illnesses.
Jodi Benson
Moda Operandi will change the face of luxury e-commerce by directly connecting brands with the most discerning shoppers around the world.
Aslaug Magnusdottir
Einstein’s gravitational theory, which is said to be the greatest single achievement of theoretical physics, resulted in beautiful relations connecting gravitational phenomena with the geometry of space; this was an exciting idea.
Richard P. Feynman
I love knowing that people are connecting to my lyrics, my music and me.
Lee DeWyze
We thought that the Internet was going to connect us all together. As a young geek in rural Maine, I got excited about the Internet because it seemed that I could be connected to the world. What it’s looking like increasingly is that the Web is connecting us back to ourselves.
Eli Pariser
I’m very tech-forward. However, I also think hitting the pause button is not a bad thing, and really connecting with people one-to-one viscerally, having a connection with someone, is really important.
Ashton Kutcher
My dad has a certain spirit, a twinkle in his eye, someone who can set a certain standard for players but also convey it with humor. What I learned from him is that coaching is, more than anything, about connecting with people.
Jill Ellis
I believe that connecting with other moms is so important; after all, we are all on this crazy journey together and no one understands what we’re going through better than each other.
Ali Landry
Some of the things I have written about are a way of connecting with my father – I know he knew who Idi Amin was, and I know he knew who Longford was. And I know he knew who Nixon was, because shortly before he died, I talked to him about Watergate.
Peter Morgan
Going into the 2012 election, I worried that without effectively connecting with the youth vote, the GOP risked losing the millennial generation for the rest of their lives.
Margaret Hoover
Creative people have no barriers. Ultimately, it’s connecting with human beings. There’s just one planet. I don’t see it as different countries.
Aamir Khan
If Michael Flynn lost his job because of a gradual erosion of trust, shouldn’t the easy and frequent production of official statements that are so many connecting flights from the truth also be concerning?
John Dickerson
Most of the people at my headline shows are in their 20s, but it varies a ton: like, I’ve had a six-year-old hug my leg after the show and a 60-year-old shake my hand. It’s cool to see people connecting with the music across different generations.
K. Flay
We continued the hard work of integrating TWA, because at that time we still thought an efficient connecting hub in St. Louis could be a profitable addition to our network.
Gerard Arpey
I think that there’s something that goes on for Robert Langdon where he has a hard time connecting with people.
Ashley Zukerman
It’s not right to say that only girls get emotional while watching a movie. I have seen so many men connecting with a movie so much that they get emotional.
Raashi Khanna
It feels really good that people are connecting to my music so much.
Every day, broadband is connecting the unconnected. From education to health care to economic opportunity, more people around the world continue to benefit from living in a fully digitized world.
Tae Yoo
I agree I'd like to do more work. But the right kind of

I agree I’d like to do more work. But the right kind of roles has to be offered to me. I’m not saying the roles need to be realistic all the time, though that’s what I like connecting with on screen.
Pankaj Kapur
I believe I am connecting to angels and spirit guides and ancestors. All of that is falling under the category of God and the energy presence of God, and that is what I can tap into when I tune in and slow down.
Gabrielle Bernstein
I feel like Soulja Boy was one of the smartest when it came to connecting with your fans and taking that to another level.
Lil Yachty
Connecting with people who are able to maintain a sense of humility is really useful.
Julien Baker
I do enjoy manga but would not consider myself a ‘super-fan,’ only really connecting with certain works such as ‘Lone Wolf and Cub,’ or ‘Tekkon Kinkreet,’ the more breakthrough works, and ‘Akira,’ to me, is the daddy of them all.
Gerard Way
I love performing, and connecting with an audience never gets old for me.
Steve Miller
Connecting with people in person is so important. To look in the eyes of our girls and let them know that you really do support them transcends the impersonal connection of technology.
Grace Gealey
Connecting small and medium-sized businesses to international markets can create work for host country nationals alongside refugees, building economic growth and resilience in host communities.
Arancha Gonzalez
The roots that weave up my right arm and onto my neck are my way of connecting with the earth: the earth’s roots carry water like a human’s veins carry blood.
Jeff Hardy
I love connecting with readers!
Sylvia Day
Connecting with my fans in India, whether at shows or via social media, has always shown me how special the passion in the country is. The passion is not just for music, but for life as well. It’s magical.
I don’t think shoving my butt into people’s faces will tell them anything about who I am. How is that connecting to your audience? What is that doing for your music?
I was in my mid 20s when email finally took off. Until then, the phone was my primary way of connecting with the people in my life.
Rainbow Rowell
I have no relationship to the French bourgeoisie. I don’t like connecting with them.
Claire Denis
Just in my experience as a drag queen, I’ve been able to connect with queer people around the world – and to see them connecting with each other over a shared love of drag!
Sasha Velour
One great feature of Roblox is all mobile players join the same game servers as desktop players, connecting users across devices in a shared virtual world.
David Baszucki
As business leaders, we should not choose between profit or good; rather, we must choose to profit from good. And that requires connecting what we do with a purpose beyond profit – a reason to exist that meets our shared sense of ‘doing good.’
Punit Renjen
I started playing, and people responded to it and connected with it and now, I don’t even know what I’m really connecting with anymore or if I’m helping people. Now it’s more of a business.
Sharon Van Etten
And being away and not performing for a long time and really connecting with my audience for a long time, I have a great responsibility to myself and to them to do it exactly the way the process was when I was young.
Jackie DeShannon
Being Human clothing was first launched in France, Belgium and Spain, where the brand’s philosophy of look good, do good is connecting with people and not just Salman Khan.
Salman Khan