Top 20 Large Groups Quotes

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Early in my career, I was disappointed that psychoanaly

Early in my career, I was disappointed that psychoanalysis was not becoming more empirical, was not becoming more scientific. It was primarily concerned with individual patients. It wasn’t trying to collect data from large groups of people who have been analyzed.
Eric Kandel
You cannot communicate complicated information to large groups of people. As you increase the number of people, you have to decrease the complexity of the information.
Andy Stanley
I wanted to be a Teacher with a big T: teach the whole planet. It led me into writing and speaking to large groups.
Jack Canfield
For restaurants that have a minimum gratuity charge on large groups, the IRS will now count those tips as regular wages rather than traditional tips that we are all familiar with when we dine out. Ask any server, and they will tell you that this will directly affect their day-to-day lifestyle.
Kevin McCarthy
I am a teacher. I get up in front of large groups of people and teach them how to do yoga – I work one-on-one with them.
Hilaria Baldwin
If you repress rather than unlock the potential of large groups of Americans, what’s that going to do to our economy? It’s going to contract, not expand.
John Prendergast
I get uncomfortable in large groups of people and loud music.
Kristin Kreuk
I found filmmaking to be a very practical art form. It’s about figuring out how to create within the very practical limitations/constraints of time, money, and large groups of collaborators.
Jeff Nichols
I liked Columbia, but it was like high school in that there was this big social world that I was not part of. I existed on the side, far away. That might be temperamental, my own fear of large groups, more than anything else. But I had a handful of professors who meant a lot to me.
Graham Moore
I think if I wasn’t a musician, I would be a high-school band director or orchestra director. I like working with large groups of musicians and bringing out the dynamics and accomplishing something as a team.
Rivers Cuomo
I’ve never particularly liked travelling with large groups or being told where to go by somebody else. I prefer to find out for myself.
Michael Palin
Nothing is so dangerous for our security as large groups of desperate people.
Marianne Williamson
I like to think that my works flow like music. That may be one reason I work in large groups versus one picture of one thing; it’s the flow of the whole series that counts.
William Eggleston
Major realigning events can reshape coalitions and change how large groups of people view politics, policy, and the parties.
Kristen Soltis Anderson
I realise that in an electoral campaign, you don’t want to antagonise large groups which are highly motivated.
Zbigniew Brzezinski
Game developers know that people have more fun when they’re in large groups. They feel more fired up when the challenges are more epic.
Jane McGonigal
Bush is a very poor impromptu speaker. He does fine in small groups but when speaking without a script in front of large groups or answering questions he wasn’t prepped for, he has problems.
Peter Schuyler
I have this fear of falling in front of large groups of people. That’s why I tend not to wear heels.
Taylor Swift
People who hardly ever cook at all, suddenly at the holidays, feel like it’s their responsibility to not only cook dinner for large groups of people suddenly, but to serve things that are fussy or fancy or formal. And I don’t think that’s what anybody really wants, especially if you’re not good at it.
Ted Allen
Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the crap out of me.
Kristen Stewart