Top 35 Summertime Quotes

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The early influences, in many ways, were in Baltimore.

The early influences, in many ways, were in Baltimore. I was passing open windows where there might be a radio playing something funky. In the summertime, sometimes there’d be a man sitting on a step, playing an acoustic guitar, playing some kind of folk blues. The seed had been planted.
Jerry Leiber
A trade is a trade, but it’s different as far as summertime versus in the season.
Rajon Rondo
A Negroni demands your full, upright attention. It will not tolerate mindless swigging the way all those sweet summertime drinks do, which is just one reason no one has ever ordered one at a swim-up bar at a resort pool.
Jonathan Miles
Whenever I’m out on the basketball court, I lace up and just hoop. Whether it’s in summertime, at practice, in the games, playoffs, every time I step out on the basketball court, I approach it the same way.
Lou Williams
Christmas is always the most fun. I start looking forward to Christmas before it’s even summertime.
Mariah Carey
After much inner debate, I can safely proclaim that Mungo Jerry’s ‘In the Summertime’ may, in fact, be the best song ever recorded.
Aesop Rock
Summertime is my favorite time of year in Sandpoint, reason being, Lake Pend Oreille is warm and ready for action.
Nate Holland
Summertime where guys played pickup, we got a thing in Philly called Summertime Rec. In that summertime you can’t duck no smoke. You can’t duck nobody in that basketball vibes.
Dion Waiters
The first job I ever had was at a pool-liner-manufacturing plant. Minimum wage was $4.25, and that’s what I was making. It was this huge, hot, un-air-conditioned factory staffed with all women and me. This is in Georgia, during the summertime, so it was pretty ridiculous.
Jack McBrayer
So they all went away from the little log house. The shutters were over the windows, so the little house could not see them go. It stayed there inside the log fence, behind the two big oak trees that in the summertime had made green roofs for Mary and Laura to play under.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
I used to, in the summertime, spend so much money doing a lot of fun stuff. Now, I’m actually consciously trying to save so we can live how we want to live after basketball. I’ve even sold a few things.
J. R. Smith
I was a janitor when I was 16, cleaning out garbage rooms in Washington, D.C., and they were foul. It gets really hot in D.C. in the summertime, and you then take on the essence of garbage. People would stand away from me on the sidewalk as I came toward them.
Jonathan Banks
I’m not a summertime guy. The only time I really enjoy the summer is touring and performing because there is nothing else for me to do at home. It’s too hot, and you can’t farm. You can’t hunt.
Blake Shelton
Summertime in New York is always a lot of fun, and I can’t wait for my second ‘SummerSlam.’
The funny thing is, people only know me for having straight hair for work, but I live in Atlanta where it’s hot and humid in the summertime. So when I’m home, I wear my hair natural. My hair is naturally curly; I don’t have a relaxer.
Keshia Knight Pulliam
I drive a lot in the summertime, but after that, I don’t drive if there’s snow predicted for anywhere in 500 miles.
R. L. Stine
In the summertime, I played Little League baseball; football in the fall; basketball in the winter.
Bobby Keys
I’d be sent down South in summertime to work with my grandmother in the field and working with cattle, chickens, beans and tobacco.
Rob Morgan
Everybody’s out and you get a lot of friction, a lot of heat in the air. It makes a beautiful disaster and that’s where the ‘Summertime Shootout’ comes from.
New York’s a big playground. I have a bike, and I’m really into just being outside. Especially in the summertime.
Chace Crawford
I totally forget about snowboarding in the summertime.
Shaun White
I’ve always been adventurous. In the summertime, my mom would lock me outside of the house and say, ‘Do something, and come back later.’
Stephen Colletti
I wear black because I’m comfortable in it. But then in the summertime when it’s hot I’m comfortable in light blue.
Johnny Cash
Maine is a movable music festival in the summertime.
Sue Hubbell
During the summertime, I really like to dress like a gypsy. I love that whole lifestyle and the whole mixing of fabrics and flowy materials.
Jennifer Stone
In my early teens, I acquired a kind of representative status: went on behalf of the family to wakes and funerals and so on. And I would be counted on as an adult contributor when it came to farm work – the hay in the summertime, for example.
Seamus Heaney
Summertime, this is the time that you flex.
Cardi B
When I think of summertime as a kid, I think of my Grampy’s gardens full of tomatoes, buckets heaping with blackberries, and countertops lined with an assortment of Ball jars, ready to can the flavor of summer.
Damaris Phillips
I still love farming and gardening and things like that in the summertime.
Blake Shelton
Did you know there’s probably more golf played in Iceland than most places in the world? They play 24 hours a day in the summertime and the northern part is warmer than the southern part.
Jack Nicklaus
Summertime, and the reading is easy… Well, maybe not easy, exactly, but July and August are hardly the months to start working your way through the works of Germanic philosophers. Save Hegel, Heidegger, and Husserl for the bleaker days of February.
Michael Dirda
In the Middle East in the summertime, to keep cool, a l

In the Middle East in the summertime, to keep cool, a lot of people sleep on the rooftops.
Daron Malakian
I left my home, and it was the most beautiful country in the world in my eyes, and I was always happy in the summertime to go back. And then suddenly, the civil war starts, and you just worry first about your family and friends, and then an entire nation.
Vlade Divac
In the summertime you’ll find me back home in Atlanta, in the gym playing against whoever walks in that day.
Lou Williams
I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through the winter, knowing that summer is going to be there.
Jack McBrayer