Top 40 Real Deal Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Real Deal Quotes from famous people such as Kevin Knox, Michael Nutter, Young Dolph, Shawn Crahan, Dr. Dre, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

Everyone knows Summer League isn't the real deal.

Everyone knows Summer League isn’t the real deal.
Kevin Knox
Vice President Biden is the real deal. He’ll give it to you straight. He communicates in a way that I think connects with people at a real level.
Michael Nutter
People, my age, people older, people younger, it’s like they look up to me. They listen to my lyrics for wisdom. They listen to my lyrics for like game. They listen to my lyrics for real deal beneficial purposes.
Young Dolph
Everybody wants to escape, but our escape is the real deal. If we’re scary, that’s because we’re taking you away from you being fed what you want to hear.
Shawn Crahan
Kendrick Lamar is the real deal. He’s a real artist, and he’s gonna be here for awhile because this guy is seriously talented.
Dr. Dre
There comes a time when you have to put forth the action and actually see whether you’re really just talking to promote yourself, just to sell yourself, or to build your confidence or build confidence around you… or are you the real deal?
Deontay Wilder
I don’t want to release a CD; I want to release the real deal, so we’re just gonna take our time.
Brantley Gilbert
I love Adele. That’s a lead singer; that’s the real deal.
Roger Daltrey
Joe Mauer’s the real deal. He is absolutely wonderful. Not only is he a great player, but he’s a great human being. He’s the kind of guy you’d like to see… be your son.
Harmon Killebrew
I don’t have a desire to make films that have cardboard cut-out or Hollywood stand-in replicas of humans. I need the real deal.
Lynn Shelton
Edward Norton and I have known each other awhile. I just think he’s the real deal, supremely talented and smart. He’s got a great sense of humor.
Kevin Spacey
I’ve never worried about anything in my life a fraction of the way I worry about my daughter. It’s much more than hoping people like the play you’re in, or that your outfit doesn’t look bad. It’s the real deal.
Michael Shannon
Howie Mandel is the real deal.
Guy Fieri
Playing football in Fargo has a total big-time feel. Everyone says it’s FCS and it’s a smaller school, but in Fargo, North Dakota, and in the state of North Dakota, NDSU football is the real deal.
Carson Wentz
You can get a lot of design testing of your missile program, and you can do a lot of – there’s other ways other than physically to develop your weaponization program to get you very close to the real deal.
Mike Rogers
What you see is what you get. I’m the real deal. That’s why I can step into the ring after having many months off and not have any rust. I’m still working out, stretching.
Rob Van Dam
I would suggest that a Green Real Deal is something to be far more excited about than the Green New Deal because the Green New Deal will never happen.
Matt Gaetz
I’m not a phony. I’m the real deal.
Rex Ryan
Friendship formed in the glamour industry comes with mutual benefits, which is nice, but it is not the real deal.
Mohit Chauhan
The Internet gives the public a chance to see what the real deal is! There ain’t no hiding.
Riff Raff
I’m very much into Barry’s Boot Camp… it’s the real deal.
Robert Rinder
If there’s pressure to prove I am worth the investment, or that I am the real deal, or the pitcher from last season or whatever – I don’t know, I just don’t feel that.
Patrick Corbin
But Tommy Lee Jones is just smooth. He’s just the real deal. I’m captivated by him because there’s so little of that in Hollywood, and he just embodies it.
Lara Flynn Boyle
Cleveland, Ohio, is the real deal.
Machine Gun Kelly
I know that I’m getting the real deal with my mom. I know that she’s telling it like it is. She’s proud of me when I’ve earned it and she’s disappointed in me when I’ve earn that. She’s really my spectrum on where I am as a person.
Lara Flynn Boyle
I remember when I was a kid, if you had your name on a piece of vinyl, man, you were, like, in the halls of Valhalla; all of sudden, you were hanging out with Odin and being at the table of the gods. You were the real deal; you weren’t some guy struggling in a garage somewhere.
Yngwie Malmsteen
President Obama and our all-of-the-above energy strategy is the real deal. We are proud of the fact that we are importing less oil than at any time in modern history, and it has been because of the president’s vision and courage.
Ken Salazar
The Green Real Deal rejects regulation as the driving force of reform and instead unlocks the unlimited potential of American innovation and ingenuity.
Matt Gaetz
Being a soldier’s daughter, I understand that what they are doing is the real deal. But me giving statement on the issue is of no significance.
Anushka Sharma
People looked at me – people still look at me – as ‘this is Gucci Mane’s producer.’ But the music that me and Future put together was so different than what me and Gucci do, it just made people look at the music like, ‘Hold on – Zaytoven is the real deal.’