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I grew up 150-200 miles from any city. You simply didn'

I grew up 150-200 miles from any city. You simply didn’t have much connection with the outside world. So my dreams were always to get out. It’s a familiar kind of thing, I think, for anybody in a small town.
Bobbie Ann Mason
The great thing about being married to somebody like Christina is that we both are on the same page. We’re both energetic, we’re both busy, we’re both 100 miles an hour.
Ant Anstead
I do all of my good thinking at over 65 miles per hour. The speed limit is, luckily, the same speed as my brainstorming speed.
Maggie Stiefvater
One thing, the very first time I got out of the seat, after Resilience was safely in orbit and I looked out the window and saw the Earth from 250 miles up, I will never forget that moment.
Victor J. Glover
I’ve grown up with jazz – the Joe Hendersons, Oliver Nelsons, Miles Davis and stuff – but I was also listening to, like, Slipknot, Korn, and Rage Against the Machine. There was all of that weaved – interweaved – in there, and being from L.A., you tend to know your musical history.
After ‘Question Time,’ I find my mind is racing. So I try to watch something that’s a million miles away from all that, like ‘Poldark’ or ‘Call the Midwife’ or ‘Derry Girls.’
Fiona Bruce
It’s annoying when someone’s in front of you driving ten miles an hour, and you’re like, ‘Okay, today,’ and someone else is on the side of you, so you can’t pass them, and when you finally do pass them and they are texting, the laser cannons just come out and disintegrate that car.
Glenn Danzig
On December 5, 1941, Chicago led a task force built around the carrier Lexington to Midway Island, at the western end of the Hawaiian Islands, about 1,000 miles from Pearl Harbor.
Jack Adams
If I’m going to be a jazz player, I need to understand Miles Davis.
Ice T
Many hard comments have been made on my efforts in India from the side of the Congress party, yet I feel content in the deep conviction that the offer I traveled 22,000 miles to discuss with Indian leaders was a real contribution to a solution of our differences.
Stafford Cripps
Wherever I am in the world, if I get free time when I’m filming I always hire a car, take to the road, drive for miles and explore.
Helen Mirren
I wanted very much to be Miles Davis when I was a boy, but without the practice. It just looked like an endless road.
Barry Hannah
The Puente Hills Landfill, about sixteen miles east of downtown Los Angeles, serves 5 million people in seventy-eight California cities, one of six landfills operated by the Sanitation Districts of L.A. County.
Jeanne Marie Laskas
I had debilitating back pain. Three years later, I’m 40 pounds heavier and generating 20 or 25 miles an hour more ball speed.
Bryson DeChambeau
I still run every other day. Longer at weekends. I probably do 35 miles a week.
Sebastian Coe
I always told the people at Cal Arts that if they wanted me to do Jazz studies, first of all, there couldn’t be a big band within 500 miles and that I could do what I wanted to do. And they said I could.
Charlie Haden
I run five miles three times a week; I log everything. I look up routes when I travel.
Kevin Plank
Once I even took the train to Utrecht, forty miles from Amsterdam, with my yellow star, this star which I still have. Why did I go? I just wanted to visit some friends. I was a little bit crazy, a little bit insane.
Abraham Pais
When you’re in Ranger School, it sucks. You’re not eating; you’re not sleeping. You’re marching miles – for months at a time. It’s horrible.
Tim Kennedy
At the outset, at least, all three groups had something else to recommend them, as well: They were headquartered 3,000 miles away from the East Side of Manhattan.
Tom Wolfe
When I was young, one Sunday every month or so, my mom would load my brothers and me into our station wagon and drive 80 miles north to Orange County, where we’d meet our extended family at a Persian restaurant for lunch.
Samin Nosrat
What I’ve realised is that you can run miles, jump on a bike, lift weights, and all that other garbage, but the bottom line is that you get in tennis shape by playing tennis. You build the right muscles, and I don’t believe people can do it as successfully any other way.
John McEnroe
Why would you want to shut down a nuclear plant, which requires at most about 1 square mile of land, to replace that power source with windmills, which would require 300 square miles of land to be paved over?
Stephen Moore
With tennis, you can go pick up a racket, take a lesson, and understand how much talent and skill it takes to be as good as the top pros. Same with golf: pick up a club. But not many can go out and get in a race car and experience a drive at over 200 miles an hour.
Mario Andretti
I saw Al Foster with Miles Davis the other week. It was beautiful. But, the whole thing was, Al Foster played as well as everybody else, but all of them were quite brilliant under Miles Davis’ direction.
Charlie Watts
Thinking fascinates me, and I probably spend too much time in my mind. My wife says that my perfect world is to be in the Suburban driving, with her next to me and the boys in the back seat and complete silence for two thousand miles.
John Larroquette
From 8,000 miles away… I would not judge a fellow soldier from a friendly nation and how they are employing their resources.
Peter Pace
My own office life at Hampton Court is somewhat challenging food-wise. It’s miles from anywhere, off the Chapel Court, deep inside the palace, up a spiral staircase of 51 steps. You can’t just nip out for a sandwich.
Lucy Worsley
I have so many miles and I’ve been flying for so long that every time I fly, it’s first class. It’s one of those things that, if I needed to jump on a plane, and fly to Spain tomorrow, I know I could get it done. Just like that.
Lupe Fiasco
I miss the Bay Area – the kind of laid-back lifestyle. Because in Hong Kong, you’re going, like, 90 miles an hour, which is fun when you’re young.
Daniel Wu
When I was a boy in Desuq, Egypt, a city on the Rosetta branch of the Nile, about 50 miles east of Alexandria, my family lived steps away from the local landmark, a mosque named for a 13th-century Sufi sheik.
Ahmed Zewail
I've been running wherever I can. There's no set plan.

I’ve been running wherever I can. There’s no set plan. At my best, I’m doing 10 miles every other day.
Kate Gosselin
The convergence of the Rhone and Saone. Paul Bocuse. The birthplace of cinema. Chateauneuf-du-Pape just a few miles down the road. It does not get much better than Lyon.
Leonard Slatkin
A woman can walk miles without making one single step forward. As a child born in a harem, I instinctively knew that to live is to open closed doors. To live is to look outside. To live is to step out. Life is trespassing.
Fatema Mernissi
The density of space junk peaks around 620 miles up, in the middle of so-called low-Earth orbit. That’s bad, because many weather, scientific, and reconnaissance satellites circle in various low-Earth orbits.
Sam Kean
It was this epic adventure and I had this mad idea that it would be interesting to follow the Greek hero Odysseus on his trail from what is modern day Turkey to the west of Greece. He took 10 years to do that and I took six months. I was on 27 different boats for 1,700 miles and I went to 13 different islands.
Bettany Hughes
Evel Knievel bet me $25,000 I couldn’t ride a motorcycle 650 miles from Las Vegas to Twin Falls, Idaho.
Bobby Riggs
I’m not that patient sometimes. I’m like a rocket – I go a hundred miles per hour.
Heidi Klum
Hitting a baseball well, as in cricket, is a very rare skill. One of most difficult things to do in the world to do, hitting a ball coming at you at ninety miles an hour with a round bat. Wonderful to watch.
Peter Tork
My dad was a huge big band and jazz fan, and we both sort of enjoyed be-bop, but man, it required so much skill to play it. And then there was cool jazz, the era that Miles, Coltrane, and Ornette ushered in, and that found a home in me. It turns out that that music was just really where I breathed.
J. D. Souther
When you went into a Boston Chicken and ordered quarter-chicken, white, with mash and corn, when that was rung up, that would signal all the way along the supply chain the need for more potatoes to be put on a truck a thousand miles away.
Stephen Elop
I was kind of wild. I enjoyed myself as a young man. I was moving 100 miles per hour – on and off the field.
Charles Woodson
The trees in Siberia are miles apart, that is why the dogs are so fast.
Bob Hope
If the economy is still going forward, even at 40 miles an hour, 50 miles an hour, I think most people will stick with President Obama. I think people look at politics like they hire a plumber. I hire you to fix the bad pipe. If you fix it, I’ll rehire you. If you don’t fix it, I’m not going to rehire you.
Dick Gephardt
I bought a Yamaha-1 and I was doing 180 miles per hour home on the 405 and that’s really, really crazy but I did it.
Nicolas Cage
Obviously I’m not from 50’s background – I’m from Westport, Connecticut, which is as far away from his background as you can get, right? Growing up in Westport, for a long time I was the only black person living there for miles.
Courtney A. Kemp
I first met Miles Davis about 1947 and played a few jobs with him and Sonny Rollins at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan. During this period, he was coming into his own, and I could see him extending the boundaries of jazz even further.
John Coltrane
I grew up in the north of England – 200 miles north of London, in a relatively unsophisticated place. And I craved magazines as a way of finding out about the future, about the life that I wanted.
Joanna Coles
I still do intense interval training. I like miles and quarters best. In races I can set my mind, and I believe I could break 2:20 again.
Catherine Ndereba
It’s a joy to help others. One of our longtime favorites is Rawhide Boys Camp, located 45 miles west of Green Bay.
Bart Starr