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Giving parties is a trivial avocation, but it pays the

Giving parties is a trivial avocation, but it pays the dues for my union card in humanity.
Elsa Maxwell
I like to have my share of parties, but I am not the late night person. Not that we don’t do parties at all, but that does not happen very frequently.
Barun Sobti
I am friendly to all political parties. So, I am able to do my social work freely without any hassles.
Without the political parties and the volunteering work of their members day in, day out, we would have a very different sort of politics and society.
David Blunkett
I love Christmas. Frosty the Snowman, peace on Earth and mangers, Salvation Army bell ringers and reindeer, the movie ‘Meet Me in St. Louis,’ office parties and cookies.
Mo Rocca
Social life was different for me in college. I didn’t go to as many parties as my friends did. I didn’t join a sorority because I knew I couldn’t make a long-term commitment. I was constantly traveling back and forth from Silicon Valley to Austin for internships. It was hard, but it was worth it for where I wanted to go.
Brit Morin
I try to keep my life low key, and I don’t like going to parties unless they’re thrown by a friend of mine, or they’re to do with a project I’m in, or it’s because I’ve been nominated for an award.
James McAvoy
Everyone goes to the same exhibitions and the same parties, stays in the same handful of hotels, eats at the same no-star restaurants, and has almost the same opinions. I adore the art world, but this is copycat behavior in a sphere that prides itself on independent thinking.
Jerry Saltz
There’s some jerks. There’s some big egos. There are a few that think they’re one of the Founding Fathers… in both parties.
John Kennedy
In real life I avoid all parties altogether, but on paper I can mingle with the best of them.
Anne Tyler
Dinner parties are still highly popular, and I believe they always will be.
Yotam Ottolenghi
System-wide changes rely on a critical mass of interested parties, all willing to enter into deep partnerships and collaborations, founded on new levels of trust and a commitment to action, not debate.
Paul Polman
Large companies cannot finance political parties as their shareholders and employees have different political views.
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
What people often forget is that for the parties involved, the media game is a vicious contest.
Ryan Holiday
Most Oscar parties are pretty silly. They’re really for people who like to schmooze.
Daryl Hannah
I’ve never been into parties, premieres or night-clubbing.
Barry Gibb
My favorite subjects was science and math. But as I got older, I was hanging out cutting class, going to hooky parties.
When museums are built these days, architects, directors, and trustees seem most concerned about social space: places to have parties, eat dinner, wine-and-dine donors. Sure, these are important these days – museums have to bring in money – but they gobble up space and push the art itself far away from the entrance.
Jerry Saltz
Most people enjoy other people. Most people are human beings first. And affiliated with political parties second.
Philip Rosenthal
You know, at parties, people always ask, ‘Where were you when Kennedy was shot?’ Well, I don’t have an alibi!
Emo Philips
Pre-poll surveys receive different reaction in the media among voters and political parties. For example, the more undecided voters are, the greater the role and effect of pre-poll surveys. Similarly, greater the decline of the party system, the more influential their role.
N. Bhaskara Rao
I love the Cannes Film Festival. From the lavish parties and events to the red carpet attire, this star-studded week-long event is where I get a lot of inspiration for hair and fashion.
Tabatha Coffey
It used to hurt when people ran down my films. I used to feel inferior. I wouldn’t go to parties or award functions because my cinema is not considered good enough. But now I keep my head high, and I am proud of what I am doing.
Rohit Shetty
I didn’t write ‘Snow White’ for any class, but I got bitten by the screenwriting bug and wrote a couple of scripts in my spare time instead of going to keg parties or something.
Evan Daugherty
I never became a producer to go to parties or wear nice clothes or put sales figures on my Wiki page.
My most disastrous date was not so much a disaster as uncomfortable for both parties involved.
Jennifer Aniston
Large parties given to very young children… foster the passions of vanity and envy, and produce a love of dress and display which is very repulsive in the character of a child.
Susanna Moodie
I’ve always weaseled my way into Grammy parties to network and everything, but now I have a legitimate reason to be there – it’s so cool.
Charlie Puth
Truly landmark pieces of legislation – including the Social Security Act, Medicare, and the Kennedy and Reagan tax reductions – historically have garnered strong support from both parties. The ACA did not.
Linda McMahon
In Denmark, you have thirteen or more political parties, so it’s not too difficult to find a party who reflect your views.
King Diamond
Growing up, I wanted to be a musician. My mother, in typical Filipino-mom fashion, would always make me go up in front of people at parties to sing. Back then, as a kid, I was mortified. In retrospect, I see that doing that as a child helped me get over my fear of being in front of people.
Jacob Batalon
I had a lot of respect for Biggie, and it was just a we

I had a lot of respect for Biggie, and it was just a weird, kinda difficult thing. When I’m doing touchy interviews like that, I just try to be fair to both parties.
Angie Martinez
What happens to a private company that comes out with a quarterly report and an annual report? It gives transparency. It talks of basic issues of governance and transactions with related parties.
Shiv Nadar
Ottolenghi sells lots of delicious sweet things, but my daily addiction is their unbelievable dark chocolate salted caramel biscuits. They’re the best things in the world – I go through half a packet every night. I bring them out after pudding at dinner parties.
Trinny Woodall
I’m cynical by nature, but I am also very hopeful because I see people from the Left and the Right showing up to these tea parties. You have people, bikers, union members and guys in three-piece suits showing up to these things.
Joe Wurzelbacher
Corporate America is not dumb; it’s worked hard to sew up both political parties in its nefarious schemes to place their short-term economic interests before the health and well-being of the average American.
Marianne Williamson
A lot of what a military officer does is not just leading troops in combat. It’s also doing budgets. It’s solving complex problems. If you can sit down with warlords, you can certainly sit down with different parties and folks with different interests and come out with an amenable solution.
Ryan Zinke
I think it’s safe to say that if you talk to anybody in Ireland, they’ll have a passing knowledge of the guitar. It was something that I couldn’t get away from when I was younger: guitars played in shops and parties, just everywhere.
James Vincent McMorrow
It’s the government’s obligation to look really to the third parties to get the support to govern.
Stephen Harper
Cocktail parties for me can be nerve-racking. The brevity of conversations, the number of them – it’s not my sweet spot.
MacKenzie Scott
The time has come for us to draw the line. The time has come for the responsible leaders of both political parties to take a stand against overgrown Government and for the American taxpayer.
Richard M. Nixon
I have a lot of parties.
When I was younger, I would set up Grammy parties at my house where I would invite all of my friends over, and my whole family would sit in the living room glued to the TV. But I would just dream of someday going there, and I would watch the red carpet interviews over and over and study what was happening.
Lauren Daigle
I wish more people knew that the only one of the three main parties where not a single MP flipped from one property to the next, and not a single MP avoided capital-gains tax, where every single London MP did not claim a penny of second-home allowance, was the Liberal Democrats.
Nick Clegg
Having now reached a point where danger might be reasonably apprehended from strolling war parties of Indians, spies were kept in advance and strict diligence observed in the duty of sentinels.
William Henry Ashley
Growing up, I had a sense of the importance of commerce and trade to everyday life. Our family lived in several countries, and I was fascinated by the free exchange of goods and services between individuals and companies – the way both parties could benefit.
Muhtar Kent
During earlier occasions, I was fighting big parties – the BJP, Congress and BSP – and had also to face factional fight within the SP. I had to take on Sonia Gandhi, Mayawati and Azam Khan. I did have the support of Mulayam Singh Yadav though.
Jaya Prada
I thought back to my middle-school experience of having slumber parties and watching Romeo + Juliet and staring at Leo and thinking about my first kiss and what I wanted it to be like. And when you have your first real love, it’s an epiphany, you know? It’s like a whole new world.
Bonnie McKee
Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air in the nation where the political establishment from both parties has betrayed their constituencies time and time again.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
I have little taste for fashionable dissipations, cards, and dancing; the theatre and tea parties are my aversion, and I look with little envy on those who find their enjoyment in such transitory delights, if delights they may be called.
Dorothea Dix
As president, I will bring all the parties and stakeholders together. I am going to come up with a solution that respects the environment and does not cause an upheaval in the economy.
Al Gore
Almost all of our relationships begin and most of them continue as forms of mutual exploitation, a mental or physical barter, to be terminated when one or both parties run out of goods.
W. H. Auden