Top 90 Boarding School Quotes

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I was lucky enough to go to boarding school for my high

I was lucky enough to go to boarding school for my high school years, and I had all the resources that I possibly could needed – squash courts and every book you ever would have wanted, every art supply.
Charles Best
I remember joining a boarding school in the sixth grade. I was lazy, complacent, and fat. Suddenly, I realised that I had to fend for myself. That’s when I discovered this drive within myself. For the first time, I ranked first in class, which was a miracle in itself. However, it didn’t matter to my family.
Twinkle Khanna
I went to boarding school in the country, so there’s no real differentiation between family and friends. I went there from when I was 8 until I was 17 – it was insane. If you earn my friendship, you are my family, and I’ll do anything for you.
Jamie Campbell Bower
My mom speaks English – she moved to England in the ’70s, so she’s fluent in English. We use to speak in Spanish when I was a kid all the time, me and my mom. But when I went to boarding school, I kind of lost it a little bit.
Ed Weeks
I was privileged in terms of where I grew up, and I come from a very loving, supportive household. But when I began to go off the rails at boarding school, my behaviour wasn’t a result of an upbringing but more something that was going on within me.
Adwoa Aboah
I was spending most of my summers in Greece when I was a little girl, and at boarding school my first room-mate was Greek, so I guess I kind of had that Greek destiny.
Marie-Chantal Claire
Our house was like a girls’ boarding school. We were always fighting for each other’s clothes.
Neeti Mohan
At boarding school there wasn’t much time for much of anything except education.
Henry Cavill
I had been kind of quite porky and happy at boarding school and not self-conscious at all; then, suddenly, I found myself in auditions being examined, and it made me angry.
Rachael Stirling
I was sent to boarding school at the age of ten. I think Mummy was trying to protect me in her own way, trying to spare me living through the day-to-day reality of her illness.
Lysette Anthony
I was raised to please people in authority, and I’d also come from a sheltered boarding school, so I was very naive and young for my years.
Rachael Stirling
For Elektra, I just wanted to be very clear. She’s traveled the world. She didn’t go to boarding school, but that’s the type of girl that she’d be. So, I just wanted to make sure that I could bring that to her, which goes through the language.
Elodie Yung
On my first night at boarding school, I felt entirely alone. I was shocked, frightened and intensely homesick, but I soon discovered that expressing these emotions, instead of bringing help and consolation, attracted a gloating, predatory fascination.
George Monbiot
I used to put on sketch shows at boarding school when I was eight. I’m not sure about the material, but it did used to get a laugh.
Belinda Stewart-Wilson
I am an Air Force brat who grew up at various Air Force bases. I changed six schools in about five years and got stability for the first time when I was sent to a boarding school, Rishi Valley. I lived outside of a cantonment-style living and was among an eclectic mix of kids and got exposed to books and other things.
Kapil Sharma
I was planning to go into law or politics. I was well known for my public speaking. I went to an all-girl boarding school with uniforms. It was very posh for someone like me who came from a world where my parents showed beagles and sold dog products out of a yellow caravan.
Rebel Wilson
I spent a lot of my childhood saying goodbye because I went to boarding school. I didn’t resent my parents for sending me there so young as I understood the limitations of the education system in Africa, where we lived at the time.
Chris de Burgh
I went to a lot of different high schools. I had quite a sporadic schooling experience. I went to school in England briefly, to boarding school, and I went to a few different ones in Australia as well. I’m really lucky! I have friends in most countries.
Alice Englert
I had a very happy childhood. But I was sent off to boarding school at quite a young age, this massive Victorian house that was suffocated in ivy. I think there is a part of that school in ‘Heap House.’
Edward Carey
I’m a war baby: I was brought up with rationing, and my parents always had to struggle. I remember when I was sent to boarding school – Prior Park College in Bath – my father was asked how he was going to pay the fees, and he replied: ‘In arrears.’
Cameron Mackintosh
Boarding school is a wicked thing.
Kristin Scott Thomas
In my junior year of high school, I went to a boarding school for the arts: a school called the Governor’s School for The Arts and Humanities. It was basically a mini-Juilliard – an intense training conservatory for the arts.
Teyonah Parris
My parents sent me from Venezuela to the Convent of Our Lady, a boarding school in Hastings, which was horrible – like Harry Potter without the magic. Sometimes we went into town, and if we were caught chewing gum in our uniform, members of the public would take down our names and report us to the school.
Carmen Busquets
When I was a kid, in a very white boarding school in England in the ’90s, I had this sort of middle part that kids had – that sort of long, floppy hair. So I was always desperate to have long, floppy hair, and I would try and brush it and spray it, and it would just look like a Brillo pad!
Ed Weeks
High school is very intense for everyone. But at a boarding school, because you’re there 24 hours a day, everything gets magnified.
Curtis Sittenfeld
Boarding school was a really pivotal moment. Before I went there, I was so happy. I’m not sure I was ready for it. I was only 13. My parents didn’t send me away; it was my choice as well. But I definitely shouldn’t have stayed for five years.
Adwoa Aboah
I didn’t do plays at school, because I didn’t have the confidence. At 14, I was at boarding school in Devon and I suffered from dyslexia quite badly, but they had a very good department there which specialised in it.
Joseph Mawle
I grew up in a very white, privileged, old-fashioned society in South Africa and went to a boarding school run by nuns.
Prue Leith
People say how come I’m from Scotland yet I sound like the Queen?! I went to boarding school in Somerset, which has probably got something to do with it.
Rose Leslie
I moved to Seattle when I was two or three years old. Had my early education there, and would spend summers on the farm in Maryland. Then I went to boarding school in New Hampshire, to St. Paul’s School. From there, I moved to London.
Alexis Denisof
The first ‘Polly and the Pirates’ is about a prim and proper girl who gets kidnapped out of her comfy boarding school by a bunch of pirates that think she’s the daughter of their long lost queen. In the course of the adventure, she discovers she has a natural penchant for swashbuckling, despite her sheltered childhood.
Ted Naifeh
I had a comfortable, middle-class upbringing and went t

I had a comfortable, middle-class upbringing and went to boarding school when I was five.
Esme Young
Princeton was really hard. I had learned how to write well at boarding school, and I knew if I majored in English and I just did the work, I could get B’s.
Robert J. Fisher
When the Lebanese Civil War started in 1975, I was 15. I was shipped to boarding school in England and, after that, to UCLA.
Rabih Alameddine
I ran away from three different boarding schools before joining a circus school, and eventually I became an actor. The only thing I learned at boarding school was never to send my child to one.
Vincent Cassel
I can still remember the afternoon, on my 15th birthday, when I opened up ‘The Virgin and the Gypsy,’ D.H. Lawrence’s novella, in my tiny cell in boarding school, and whole worlds of possibility opened out that I had never guessed existed. The language was on fire and sang of liberation.
Pico Iyer
Mayo College, where I got my grounding, is a private boarding school. It is a traditional school with brilliant teachers including some from overseas.
Ajay Mehta
Probably spending 12 years at boarding school – comedy became a survival gene. But I think some people are funny right off the bat, as soon as they can speak or be naughty.
Eric Idle
I spent my entire childhood in the same town, in Kent. I went to grade school there. There was a boarding school that my mother taught at, called – appropriately enough – Kent School, that I went to. Yeah, pretty much my entire childhood was spent in that town.
Seth MacFarlane
I have a brilliant memory of being driven back to school when ‘Super Trouper’ was number one in the charts in 1980. When it came on the radio my mum just drove right past the school gates! When you’re 11 years old and meant to be going back to boarding school, that’s a great feeling.
Ol Parker
Boarding school forces you to grow. You have to wake up at a certain time, you have to study, wash your own clothes. We used to play rugby in whites. Can you imagine washing that? And it has to be white. If it was not white, you got punished.
Dereck Chisora
I love ‘Call the Midwife’; it’s an absolute gem of a programme. Filming the Christmas special and then the second series felt like going back to a boarding school that you really love and is full of friends.
Helen George
It was tough going to boarding school. It was very hard work.
Jasmine Guinness
Growing up, I was your classic Catholic Irish kid. I went to mass every Sunday. Then in secondary school I went to boarding school, and there was mass seven days a week before breakfast – it may have put me off!
Deirdre O’Kane
I’m from the Detroit area, just north of Detroit. But then I went to boarding school in northern Michigan, so a little bit colder up there. But beautiful, very beautiful.
Dan Amboyer
I wanted to be a great white hunter, a prospector for gold, or a slave trader. But then, when I was eight, my parents sent me to a boarding school in South Africa. It was the equivalent of a British public school with cold showers, beatings and rotten food. But what it also had was a library full of books.
Wilbur Smith