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Singing in character you can be more of a show off or m

Singing in character you can be more of a show off or more modest because it isn’t yourself it’s a nice way to sing, unusual, a bit like being in musical I guess.
Charlotte Ritchie
I probably get strangers coming up to me two or three times a week to just say something nice. I get more than my share of compliments as I walk through my daily life. I’m not having to show off or make a point about how good I am at doing something. I think I’ve always kind of been that way.
Eddie Vedder
I really want to pop the crowd. I want to show off. That is the one thing that I’ve always loved about my career is I just want to show off. I always hated the storylines.
Rob Van Dam
I want to make sure I always show off my smile and have a positive attitude the whole time, whether it’s during a performance, practice, or doing an interview.
Laurie Hernandez
I just want to show off my scar proudly and not be afraid of it.
Carly Simon
There’s a perception in certain parts of the media that I love ‘bling.’ I love diamonds. I love to show off. I really don’t understand where that comes from.
Raheem Sterling
I like to show my ability on the field. I’m not one to show off with words. I’m really looking forward to the chance. I’m a calm goalkeeper, and above all, I’ve got a real desire to win. When I get on the pitch, I give everything for the team, everything for the shirt.
To just be able to sing and show off the chops is kind of why I got into the music industry.
Tiffany Darwish
I am young. I better show off what I have now.
Michelle Trachtenberg
I wanted to show off – a simple impulse or drive; in much the same way as some kids wanted to play football, I wanted to show off. Not complicated in that sense, very natural; it just depends on how you want to show off.
Dylan Moran
The trick to acting is not to show off, it’s to think the thoughts of the character.
Eddie Marsan
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is just perfect in ‘Veep.’ She gets to show off the spiky claws beneath her patrician finesse. The obvious way to play ‘Veep’ would be to make Louis-Dreyfus a folksy heroine, one with more common sense or populist heart than her enemies. But she isn’t one.
Rob Sheffield
I am young. I better show off what I have now.
Michelle Trachtenberg
I think performers are all show-offs anyway, especially musicians. Unless you show off, you’re not going to get noticed.
Elton John
When I was at Watford I was very greedy. I just wanted to show off my skills.
Jadon Sancho
You can still wear trousers and show off your ankles – which are a nice body part on everyone.
Natalie Massenet
I love doing my own stunts. I’d love to do a full-on period sword-fighting piece where I get to show off with fighting and horses – I’m up for it.
Aneurin Barnard
Singing in character you can be more of a show off or more modest because it isn’t yourself it’s a nice way to sing, unusual, a bit like being in musical I guess.
Charlotte Ritchie
Most people think of cinematographers as choosing subjects of an epic nature to show off what they do – big, sweeping images of war or pageantry.
Caleb Deschanel
I don’t try to show off technology in my work. The technology is a means to tell stories, so I think conversations about my work can be had by very large audiences.
Marco Tempest
I’m not somebody who likes to show off my cleavage, and I don’t dress up for the papers.
Louise Nurding
I had a husband who, I’m convinced, was an undiagnosed manic depressive. He didn’t treat me as if I had a brain – I was just this beautiful little doll he could show off.
Britt Ekland
I was a failed actor but I still wanted to show off, so I ended up doing live comedy.
Graham Norton
Don’t be afraid to show off who you are.
Barbie Ferreira
I always thought that I wasn’t the type of person to show off my cuteness.
Park Bo-young
You were not supposed to show off in Negroland because you are supposed to be perfectly decorous and well behaved. You were also not supposed to tell any stories that reflected badly on the group because that reflected badly on the race. I use past tense, but it still feels like present tense.
Margo Jefferson
Growing up in Hollywood meant there were a lot of film stars’ kids at my school – but no conspicuous wealth. It wasn’t cool to show off that you had money.
Zooey Deschanel
As Christians, we worship a victimized Lord. We should expect to suffer and should have particular compassion on those who hurt emotionally and physically. But we do not resemble the Suffering Servant when we take pains to show off our suffering.
Kevin DeYoung
I’m a little greedy for action scenes. I’m a martial artist, and any time I get to show off some of that art is great.
David Ramsey
There is a real vulgarity in the way women dress at the moment. They show off too much and try too hard. They don’t understand where the line is between sexy and vulgar. I know where that line is.
Roberto Cavalli
When you look at the runway now, the girls are 15 and 16 years old with no knowledge of clothes, no idea how to project themselves. I was trained how to show off the dress, how to move to make the clothes look better.
China Machado
I love to set up my teammates. I am not here to be a st

I love to set up my teammates. I am not here to be a star, to show off. I am here to play for the others, but if I have to try and clinch a game, then I will.
Eden Hazard
I have never been one to show off too much skin, and it’s not just because I’m a larger woman.
Nia Jax
When I was a little girl, I was a little bit of a show off.
Alesha Dixon
I had a stammer through adolescence. Any fun I’d had performing in school plays disappeared and only came back at 18, when the stammer started to go. Then I thought: ‘Well, perhaps I can show off now.’
Charles Dance
Don’t be afraid to show off who you are.
Barbie Ferreira
It’s easy to show off if you are making plays all the time. But it’s not me.
Calvin Johnson
In television, things move quite slowly. It can take years to get a show off the ground.
Julia Hartz
I am the kind of person who does want very badly to be liked. I’m a right-miserable little show off.
Leo Sayer
Being in the music business, if we couldn’t pull the fashions from designers and if designers couldn’t use artists to show off their fashions, where would we be?
Tina Knowles
I always see guys get all, like, flexed on other people, trying to show off that they are tough, and it is just, like, no girl really likes that.
I always wanted to be able to show off like the guitar players do. I think I managed that alright!
Why not show off if you’ve got something to show?
January Jones
And the fact that I liked to show off and be the center of attention really lends itself to figure skating very well.
Scott Hamilton
Writers who used to show off their erudition no longer sing in the bare ruined choir of the media.
William Safire
It’s something I’ve been working on since I started out at Sao Paulo, and over time I’ve tried to improve my skills. But even when I played in the local academy, I was trying to show off some ability with my feet. I actually scored several free-kicks.
It’s hard in this business to get the opportunities to show off range.
Eric McCormack
My brother and I played music together, and we all liked to show off. But I wasn’t a particularly musical kid. I did piano lessons and quit. I got kicked out of the choir.
Tim Minchin
I come from a background where you don’t show off the good things you do. It’s modesty.
Mesut Ozil
I’m a slave to the culture, so I see an Audi, a Denali, or an Escalade, my neighbor got the four-door Porsche. I have a really nice truck. But it’s a Durango and I like frontin’! I like to ride by and show off.
Patrice O’Neal
How do you show off the most anticipated product in years? That was my dilemma with the iPhone X. Since my unit was one of the first few released into the wild, it naturally drew a lot of curiosity when I pulled it out of my pocket and gave it a dewy-eyed glance to wake it from slumber.
Steven Levy
For guys who are into fitness, I think it’s important to wear slim-fit stuff that is pretty tight so they can show off the bodies they have been working hard to have. Women are going to appreciate that.
Carl Hagelin
I however don’t go to clubs to show off and to be seen, and certainly not to make statements. I just want to be able to quietly watch a band.
Ritchie Blackmore
For me, actresses are constantly chameleons, and so they are taking a backseat to their own personality. I don’t feel like we’re trying to show off their personality as much as let them be a blank slate. It’s precisely the reason why I dress more musicians than I do actresses.
Jeremy Scott
We’ve been swimming at nude beaches and I love to go skinny dipping, but I’m sorry, sitting on top of a mountain, that’s just, you’re trying to show off or something. That’s ridiculous.
Andy Richter
I was always in plays at school and in school concerts – you could say I liked to show off.
George Cole
Mainly I was able to perform with music – I played the French horn, I would sing, and I was a drummer in the pipe band. So I think it was a way to show off.
Ewan McGregor
I’m an actor, of course, so I like to show off.
Sam Riley
I would love to do something like Austin Powers to show off my comic timing.
Uma Thurman
Men have a psychological need to show off their courage and strength. When he sees you talking to another guy, that instinct kicks in and he jumps to protect you and prove he’s worthy of your love.
Helen Fisher
I still see the world as a place of bitter irony and black humour, failed hopes, dashed plans. I hope to make my work sparer, to outgrow my desire to show off.
Clive Sinclair
I always was into it, just seeing guys growing up on TV in postgame conferences and seeing how they’re dressed, glasses they’re wearing. That kind of just always was something that caught my eye. Now I got the opportunity to show off what I wear, so I just try to take advantage of it.
Tyler Herro