Top 40 Shred Quotes

Words matter. These are the best Shred Quotes from famous people such as Janice Dickinson, Brian Fallon, Taylor Swift, Haniel Long, Theo Epstein, and they’re great for sharing with your friends.

I got a book deal without even turning in one shred of

I got a book deal without even turning in one shred of a writing sample.
Janice Dickinson
I don’t want to be a lead player. I don’t want to shred and play fast licks. I just want to be the best rhythm section ever.
Brian Fallon
I let people fill in the blanks on their own. If they want to think about their ex, that’s fine. If they want to think about maybe who one of my exes is, then that’s fine. And it might not be right, because I’m the only one who knows what these songs are really about. It’s the one shred of privacy I have in the matter.
Taylor Swift
To strip a man of all loyalties but those to the state, makes him not only a worm but a monster, without a shred of humanity.
Haniel Long
When people you don’t know say nice things about you, if you allow yourself, even subconsciously, to attach a shred of meaning to it, when the opposite happens, when people you don’t know say bad things about you, you can’t attach that same meaning.
Theo Epstein
People who work in financial services don’t have one shred of concern about the well-being of the people they serve. They’re only interested in themselves.
Barry Schwartz
I’d say street skating is the most fun of the six skateboarding events for me personally. It’s also because you can do it anywhere. You don’t need a specific ramp or competition; you can just go shred anywhere around your hometown and have a blast with it. That’s the best part about street skating.
Nyjah Huston
I think there’s always been hope in my songs, no matter how they’ve first appeared. I think there’s always been a shred of hope in everything I’ve written ’cause I like that balance.
Jakob Dylan
The retention of the power to punish for contempt for acts of speech alone, which do not directly interfere with the administration of justice, has removed the last shred of accountability of the higher judiciary in the country.
Prashant Bhushan
Trump is as hollow a vessel as there has ever been in the White House. His rule lacks even a shred of moral authority.
Joy Reid
I’ve never had a penny through oil deals and no one has produced a shred of evidence that I have.
George Galloway
I like a lot. Every once in a while they shred me on there, but it’s usually pretty funny.
Pete Wentz
The Indian television industry has catapulted into a huge business. Films, however, have not lost one shred of charisma or commercial lucrativity.
Sushmita Sen
The big pay-off was to work as an artist and gain some shred of respect from your friends, who were also artists. But there was never any notion that you could make a living out of art. On the rare occasions you had a gallery show, and sold a little work, well, that was just gravy.
Edward Ruscha
Life does not owe me a shred.
Valerie Harper
No matter how dark things may get in a story, I feel it’s the responsibility of the storyteller to leave the audience with at least a shred of hope.
Josh Radnor
Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.
Brendan Gill
The belief that there are other life forms in the universe is a matter of faith. There is not a single shred of evidence for any other life forms, and in forty years of searching, none has been discovered. There is absolutely no evidentiary reason to maintain this belief.
Michael Crichton
There was never a shred, never a hint, never a possibility – not a remote, not a million-, not a billion-to-one possibility – I could have planted anything. Nor would I have a reason to.
Mark Fuhrman
I always want to cut every single line, possibly, that is mine from the script. One of the first things I do on any script is to shred, shred and shred my lines.
Shefali Shah
I’m someone who’s always looking for hope – if there’s a ray of hope, a shrapnel, shred, a flake of hope – because I take the misfortune or hard times of others very seriously.
Debra Granik
To me, a great drummer isn’t always about somebody with chops who can shred. A great drummer is someone who is part of a great band.
Mike Portnoy
I have no record of racism or antisemitism, there is no evidence to support it, not even a shred of evidence.
Nicolas Anelka
We now know, without any shred of uncertainty, that billions of rands of public resources have been diverted into the pockets of a few.
Cyril Ramaphosa
The opposition believes that we should allow people to vote without even showing a shred of identification. Canadians disagree.
Pierre Poilievre
I don’t have a shred of regret about entering the exchange-rate mechanism.
John Major
Vail Resorts School of Shred program is a great way to help encourage kids to stay active by getting them outside and on the mountain.
Lindsey Vonn
Despite the fact that there was not one shred of evidence that George Zimmerman ‘racially profiled’ Trayvon Martin, America’s liberals have literally taken to the streets to denounce a verdict that was, by all accounts, a just one.
Mike Gallagher
I have not one shred of anger in my heart against Netanyahu or his wife.
Naftali Bennett
Practically, every defense lawyer knows that the jury desperately wants to hear from the defendant and that the only reason not to put him on the stand is that he is soooo guilty that every answer he gives after his name will eradicate any shred of reasonable doubt.
Lawrence O’Donnell
I was deliciously happy filming ‘True Blood.’ I even kept all the scripts in my office, which I never do with any script. Although I did shred them all in one go when the series finished; it seemed like a ritual, somehow.
Michelle Forbes
My dad always played a lot of music, so I heard him pla

My dad always played a lot of music, so I heard him playing all the time, and then I decided that I wanted to learn to play guitar, so I got an acoustic and started taking lessons. I wanted to be able to shred like Yngwie Malmsteen.
Oscar Isaac
Here in Florida, we know plenty about the Castro brothers, and we hear stories of their ruthless and violent rule far too often. It is shameful that we would grant them any shred of legitimacy.
Rick Scott
Some people will basically just shred all over everything, even a ballad. I’m glad I wasn’t born with that genetic chip – the need to just wheedle-whee all over the place.
Synyster Gates
It’s never about the screwup – it’s always about the recovery. That’s the thing about it… if it comes out a little rare you call it carpaccio. It comes out a little overcooked, you shred it up and put in on a sandwich.
Tyler Florence
I was always listening to the records that made shredding sound fun – Steve Vai, Satriani, Cacophony, Paul Gilbert. I think that’s what’s missing from modern shred guitar; so many people are playing so many amazing notes, but a lot of it doesn’t really sound all that fun.
Nita Strauss
After eight months of one of the most intensive public and private investigations in American history, no one – no one – has come up with a shred of evidence that I had anything to do with the anthrax letters. I have never worked with anthrax. I know nothing about this matter.
Steven Hatfill
I’m very involved in Shred, constantly checking in on something. It takes a lot of time. But it has let me leverage who I am as an athlete into a product.
Ted Ligety
Chris Hemsworth is like Christopher Reeve in that he can do two things: he can wear a big red cape without a shred of self-consciousness. But he’s also funny as hell, and he’s so sweet. So with all the fish-out-of-water stuff, he’s so funny. So he does almost two jobs in a way.
Tom Hiddleston
I wanted to shred, so I learned classical guitar.
Oscar Isaac