Top 35 Derivatives Quotes

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If there were not derivatives, there would be no bank l

If there were not derivatives, there would be no bank loans at all today, because people want to get fixed-rate 30-year loans, but banks don’t want to keep 30-year loans on their books.
Jeff Greene
I have a quantitative background, but really, derivatives appealed to me because they require so much creativity.
Blythe Masters
If you have a traditional view of economics, you’re probably thinking of Ben Bernanke making Fed policy, or the guys creating financial derivatives at Goldman Sachs.
Emily Oster
With the derivatives market larger than ever, we need way more regulation of Wall Street, not less.
Adam McKay
The Orderly Liquidation Authority prescribed by Dodd-Frank should be repealed and replaced by an amendment to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code which would operate to prevent cross-default provisions from impacting derivatives books so long as mark-to-market payments are being made in a timely fashion.
Paul Singer
Do we have to regulate derivatives? Yes, we do. ‘Cause when I did this in my investments, frankly, no one knew who could pay who. But derivatives have an important place in our economy.
Jeff Greene
In the 1987 stock market crash, according to the conclusions of the official Brady report, colossal sales of stock index futures by so-called portfolio insurers – whose investment strategies depended entirely on these derivatives – greatly exacerbated the 500-point market decline.
Carol Loomis
The same oil that gets burned as fuel is also the entire basis for the petrochemical industries, so our clothing, our plastics and our pharmaceuticals all come from oil and its derivatives.
Craig Venter
My first scientific paper in 1961 reported an additivity rule for substituent-induced shifts of proton NMR signals in steroid derivatives.
Jean-Marie Lehn
Derivatives in and of themselves are not evil. There’s nothing evil about how they’re traded, how they’re accounted for, and how they’re financed, like any other financial instrument, if done properly.
James Chanos
Web servers are written in C, and if they’re not, they’re written in Java or C++, which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, which are implemented in C.
Rob Pike
Every regulatory speech on derivatives takes a bow to their hedging ‘benefits.’ Less publicly, regulators pay their respects to derivative profits, a blessed relief from the banks’ troubled loans to less-developed countries, highly leveraged companies, and real estate swingers.
Carol Loomis
I had seen the financial crisis unfold, and I had seen the credit derivatives market get operationally ahead of itself, which resulted in systemic risk counterparty exposures. I began to believe that distributed ledgers had the capability to tackle that problem.
Blythe Masters
There are challenges in terms of the measurement of VAR for what are known as nonlinear derivatives, where things like gamma and vega are important dimensions of the risk.
John Hull
Derivatives trading should be standardized and as much as possible moved to clearinghouses.
Paul Singer
A.I.G. was even larger than Lehman, with a substantial presence in derivatives and debt markets, as well as in insurance markets.
Ben Bernanke
In bitter almond oil, like in a great number of other substances that previously had been counted among the ‘aromatic compounds’ on behalf of their strong smell, a derivative of benzene is present. The special properties of benzene and its derivatives are caused by the typical arrangement of their carbon atoms.
Otto Wallach
We have institutions that have been allowed to become too big to fail because we had all kinds of flaws in our financial infrastructure, in the whole way over-the-counter derivatives work.
Henry Paulson
The marginal people on the trading desks, there’s no skill set. If they don’t trade derivatives, I don’t know what they can do. The next stop is driving a cab.
James Chanos
When they are employed wisely, derivatives make the world simpler because they give their buyers an ability to manage and transfer risk.
Carol Loomis
They’ve been fairly positive, as firm as they could be in regards to the derivatives operations in Montreal. We didn’t sense that there was a hesitation about it. But things change.
Jean Charest
In bypassing barriers between different classes, maturities, rating categories, debt seniority levels and so on, credit derivatives are creating enormous opportunities to exploit and profit from associated discontinuities in the pricing of credit risk.
Blythe Masters
I think, my generation, it’s hard to have hope when you got a $700-trillion derivatives debt to pay and a bubble about to explode and $500 trillion worth of GDP.
Shia LaBeouf
The discussion of derivatives in the political world has become a zero sum game.
Jim Himes
I didn’t become interested in derivatives until 1982, 1983.
John Hull
We have to rethink our whole energy approach, which is hard to do because we’re so dependent on oil, not just for fuel but also plastic. If plastic vanished, there would be total chaos. We have to think quite carefully about using oil and its derivatives, because it’s not going to be around forever.
Margaret Atwood
Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.
Warren Buffett
I’m such a dork, but I really think there are derivatives to be found between story arcs and character motivations. And the way you evaluate functions is a really interesting way to look at stories and the way you act. I really believe it.
Morgan Saylor
I was named Margaret Yvonne. ‘Margaret’ because my mother was very fond of one of the derivatives of the name. She was fascinated at the time by the movie star Baby Peggy, and I suppose she wanted a Baby Peggy of her own.
Yvonne De Carlo
People far too often associate derivatives markets with mere speculation, but there are very legitimate businesses that need derivatives to protect themselves against risk.
Fred Ehrsam
AIG’s failure revealed systemic problems in the OTC derivatives market that went well beyond the failure of a single market participant.
Jerome Powell
The financial crisis involved significant failures in t

The financial crisis involved significant failures in the functioning, regulation, and supervision of OTC derivatives markets.
Jerome Powell
The good thing about a dealer’s derivatives portfolio is that it is marked to market.
Carol Loomis
I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters A.I. and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of.
Mark Cuban
The idea of a financial transaction tax on Wall Street trades is gaining momentum. I have a bill called – nicknamed the Robin Hood tax also. It’s a bill that taxes stock trades, derivatives and bonds, and would generate in the neighborhood of $300 billion a year.
Keith Ellison